Nauru extends Covid National Emergency declaration

The extension is effective from 30 March 2022.

The declaration was first made on 16 March 2020 when the global pandemic was announced.

Nauru reported its first Covid-19 case on 2 April 2022.


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Authorities promote Kitchen Gardening and Livestock Production and Management in Nauru

Director for Agriculture Marissa Cook told Nauru Media that Taiwan Technical Mission is continuously assisting the agriculture sector in technical ways to allow Nauru access to various methods of self-sufficient production and management of kitchen gardening and livestock management.

Additionally, the TTM and DEMA have held many workshops in the past on Kitchen Gardening and Livestock production and management with the intension of encouraging community household members to learn more information and practice first-hand how to locally produce foods.

Nauru plans to change act of water preservation across the country

The project, which is planned by the Department of Climate Change National Resilience, is focused on increasing water storage in each household, through locally manufactured water tanks which are delivered to identify applicants that require a water tank.

Climate Change National Resilience Water (CCNR) Manager, Jaden Agir said they have been prompted set the project due to the current drought season they are experiencing.

“Water tank applications are registered at the CCNR main office government building and will be finalised after survey is taken.”

RON Hospital introduces new medical ID card

Nauru Media reports the new system will help medical staff to fast track patients' personal information.

The ID card will also be useful for patients as they will avoid the long queue.

The ministry is recommending persons to carry and present their medical card when seeking medical assistance.

Mrs Mackay said the new system got underway in the second week of February and only 15 percent of the population have received their medical ID.

La Nina weather pattern to continue says Nauru Meteorology Service

La Nina weather pattern occurs when sea surface temperature is below average.

Nauru Media reports this current dry season is likely to continue in the next few months for the Micronesia region; with some islands facing dry weather while some are not.

According to Senior Nauru Meteorology Service (NMHS) weather forecaster Ricky Joram, “The La Nina weather pattern will continue for the next 3 to 6 months and that they (NMHS) will continue to monitor Nauru’s weather forecast with the support of PICASSO SPREP”.


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Japan assists Nauru with procurement of crane truck

The Government of Japan, through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), will provide fund assistance of AU$208,844 to procure a crane truck.

“I am very pleased to assist Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority. By implementing this project, their daily operation’s safety and efficiency will be meaningfully enhanced,” Ambassador Kawakami said.

Nauru Ambassador presents credentials to UN in Geneva

The Director General of the United Nations in Geneva Tatiana Volavaya welcomed and received Jeremiah’s credentials at the United Nations office in Geneva last week.

A Government statement said Ambassador Jeremiah served as the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Nauru prior to her appointment in Geneva.

In 2016 she completed her placement as Consul General in Brisbane, Australia and went to her next post in Taipei to be Nauru’s Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan).

She then moved to be Nauru’s Ambassador to Switzerland in 2019.

Evacuation drills conducted for Nauru Schools

DRM Director, Diminski Reweru said, “Fire and Tsunami evacuation drills are different. In a tsunami drill the students and teachers will be required to move to higher ground, while in a fire drill, students and teachers will be required to assemble in a designated safe area 15 to 20 meters from the school.”

The safety drills are an annual event organized by the department for safety reasons.

Fire and Tsunami evacuation drills are organized annually in the schools because students and teachers change annually.

Micronesian Games delayed due to issues with facilities

It's the second time the Games have had to be postponed with the event due to take place in July-August 2022 pulled due to ongoing uncertainty about covid-19 and restricted travel in the region.

In a letter to member island nations of the council, secretary general Joey Miranda said that after recommendations from the Marshall Islands government and other stakeholders involved, they concluded that the quadrennial event can't be delivered on the July 2023 date.

Seven teams participate in Nauru’s ULVPF programme’s Airstrip relay

The programme kicked started with a relay around the airstrip with a great turn out from the supporters.

The airstrip was packed with families and friends of the participant’s right from the start to the finish point.

The Dream Team won the relay finishing ahead of the Team Rugby, who finished in second place.

Third place went to Menen Crew.

The Unique-Lee violence prevention foundation is a non-government organization that was first established in 2018.