Nauru Teleco Ministry employees take Oath of Appointment & Secrecy

A total of 23 staff of the Nauru Media Department and 17 from the ICT Department each took the oath by swearing on the bible to render true and faithful service as an officer of the Public Service; never unlawfully communicate official information; and not use official information unlawfully for personal or others gain.

Acting Chief Secretary Sasikumar Paravanoor presided over the oath ceremony last week with Secretary for Corporate Services Peta Gadabu and legal representative Surely Kamtaura.


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Nauru to celebrate International Children's Day

The ICD event, which hosts the theme "Investing in our future means investing in our children" will be held at the Aiue Boulevard from 9am to 5pm.

Nauru Media News NTV reports everyone is invited to take part in the celebration as there are prizes to be won for the activities.

Other activities like drama and sports are being held throughout the week in the lead up to Saturday’s celebration.

The United Nations has designated 20 November as International Children’s Day.

Nauru becomes latest country to ratify nuclear treaty ban

The Treaty, adopted in 2017, will enter into force 90 days after it has been ratified by at least 50 countries and regions.

Kyodo News report so far 49 countries have ratified the pact and one more country is needed.

Although the pact will not be able to legally require nuclear power states to get rid of their arsenals, the launch of the world's first treaty banning nuclear weapons is likely to gain global momentum toward reducing stockpiles.

Taiwan Embassy hosts farewell reception for Nauru-Taiwan scholarship students

The students were farewelled at an official ceremony held at the Taiwan Embassy office last week.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports Deputy Minister for Education, Richard Menke thanked the Government of Taiwan for their continued support.

He spoke in the vernacular to the students echoing what the Taiwanese Ambassador Dean Wang said about not giving up.

Deputy Minister Asterio Appi, a Taiwan Alumni spoke at length to the students about his experience and to the parents about supporting their children

Pacific Heads of Customs administrations pledge to work together

At the conclusion of the OCO Heads Annual Conference on October 20, themed “Working together to build a safer Blue Pacific”, leaders of Customs administrations in the region stated the loss in revenue collection for their governments due to the closure of borders as their biggest cost of COVID-19.

However, in addition to generating revenue for their governments, Customs administrations are increasingly being presented with other challenges such as the rise of illicit drugs, contraband goods and having to crew quarantine centers.

Revamped sports facilities handed over to Nauru’s Aiwo

The refurbished facilities were part of a $390,000 project assistance from the Australian Government to promote and encourage sports and development in Nauru.

The Secretary for Sports, Dagan Kaierua, who was at the opening ceremony recently, expressed his thanks to the Australian Government for the continued support.

"The Ministry for Sports would like to extend its gratitude to Australia for the financial support...this is a 390k projects with other courts around the island," Kaierua said in a Nauru Media News-NTV report.

Nauru and Taiwan sign port MOU

The MoU is to enhance the relationship between the two entities and to further realise the opportunities for future communications regarding port operations and management and personnel training and development.

Taiwan Ambassador Dean Wang said he is pleased that Taiwan is able to assist Nauru in this new development and industry for Nauru into the future in terms of ongoing management and operations of the port.

Taiwan continues to work closely with other Nauru government and state –owned enterprise initiatives for the advancement of Nauru.

Nauru celebrates life as nation commemorates Angam Day

“Today is a day we remember and celebrate life,” President Aingimea said as he acknowledged the survivors of exile and those that remained on Nauru and endured the harsh conditions of war.

A report in the Nauru Bulletin said the story of Angam is about Nauruan people’s struggle, resilience and triumph over hardships of hunger, illness, greed, the cruelties of war and the threat of extinction-twice.

Angam Day is commemorated on 26 October.

Jubilation, triumph, celebration and homecoming are words that describe Angam.

Nauru joins Pacific health leaders in virtual exchange focused on public health

The delegates, selected through a competitive regional process, will gather virtually for three weeks to learn from one another and from their counterparts in the United States. Notably, the group will explore the roles of civil society and government in responding to public health challenges as well as the roles and relationship between public health and medical institutions.

Nauru launches Mental Health Week

The World Health Organisation has designated 10 October as Mental Health Day.

The launch for the programme in Nauru took place at the Meneng Hotel.

The programme was put together by Ministry of Health in partnership with the Department of Education, Canstruct, IHMS, Digicel and the Department of People With Disability.

WHO in collaboration with United for Global Mental Health and the World Federation for Mental Health, are encouraging people from all countries to support a global movement calling for greater investment in mental health.