HTK Phoenix vessel berths in Nauru to load phosphate for India

The HTK Phoenix is a Bulk Carrier registered and sailing under the flag of Vietnam.

The ship arrived in Nauru on Saturday from Gwangyang in South Korea.

All the occupants of the vessel completed their Covid-19 swab test on Monday.


Nauru and the Solomon Islands have a new High Commissioner of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Thomas Edward Coward is the new High Commissioner of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Nauru and the Solomon Islands.

High Commissioner Coward took up his appointment in December 2021, succeeding Dr Brian Jones.


60 per cent vaccination coverage of Nauru population

A statement from the Government Information Office said this represents only 60 per cent total population vaccination coverage.

“Consequently, 40 per cent of the population is at risk.”

“Vaccination of persons 12 years and above will result in total population vaccination coverage of above 80 per cent.”

“While the majority of adults were vaccinated five or more months ago, evidence of reduced immunity after a long period suggests these adults may also now be at risk from a combination of factors.”

Nauru implements new pre-travel arrangements in Brisbane

All travellers to Nauru from Brisbane must now enter and remain in managed safe accommodation in Brisbane, three days before travel.

The Nauru Covid-19 Taskforce said this arrangement is primarily for the regular scheduled Nauru Airlines ON002 flights.

This interim measure is put in place due to the rapid surging cases and community transmission of coronavirus in Brisbane and across Australia and many other countries.

Failure to comply will result in the passenger being denied flight check-in and travel to Nauru.


Nauru entrepreneur produces water tanks locally

The proud owner is former national boxing champ Jake Ageidu from Aiwo, who is currently manufacturing water tanks.

Nauru Media News NTV reports Ageidu has already made 16 tanks for his first buyer; the Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment (CIE).

He has another 24 tanks to manufacture as the buyer has requested a total of 40 tanks.

Each tank has a water storage capacity of 10,000 litres and is made out of polymer material which is said to fit our dry climate.

Taiwan Technical Mission in Nauru organises charity egg sale

Nauru Media News NTV reports the sale commenced at 10am with just a handful of customers queueing up to grab a tray or trays of eggs at a crazy low price of $12 for 30 eggs in a tray.

As the minutes ticked away though more and more people turned up probably having just woken up from celebrating and ushering in the new year.

People who turned up bought multiple trays from 2, 3, 4 and more for their consumption, baking and party.

Eighty passengers in quarantine in Nauru

The passengers travelled on a Nauru Airlines aircraft.

Nauru Police confirmed that their officers escorted the passengers to their designated quarantine residence at the Budapest Hotel in Anabar, where they will stay for the next five days. 

Police Protective Services Officers working under the National Police Force, will guard the area and maintain Covid-19 protocols for the safety of all, both in and outside the facility.

The public is reminded that visiting is prohibited under the regulations.

Nauru’s ‘By the Book’ Victory lap race a success

About 40 participants from the Nauru Police Force and AFL Nauru participated in the event.

The event was announced at a meeting on 9 December with AFL Nauru team representatives, who pledged their support for the initiative they then took back to their teams.

The organisers thanked all the supporters who made the meet possible.

Nauru rolls out HPV, PCV and Rotavirus vaccines for children

The new vaccines are Human Papillomavirus vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine PCV to prevent pneumonia and Rotavirus vaccine to prevent diarrhoea.

Nauru acquired three new vaccines thanks to cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Rotary.

The vaccines were launched last week and during the event some students received their shots.

The full rollout continues this week at Sacred Heart College, Nauru Primary and Nauru College.


Phot supplied Ministry of Health       


Nauru’s mHealth platform promotes awareness about NCDs

Australian High Commissioner Dr Helen Cheney said that mobile health tools will be “efficient” and “a better way to reach people” via mobile devices and technology.

The mHealth platform was launched by the Department of Health with assistance of the Australian High Commission and Digicel on 25 October.

Health Minister Isabella Dageago is pleased to see the department moving forward in its efforts to mitigate the health risks associated with NCDs through effectively messaging.