Nauru's President Adeang sworn in, names his Cabinet

Chief Justice Mohammad Khan presided over the swearing in ceremony and witnessed the swearing in of the newly elected cabinet administration.

President Adeang is the longest serving member of parliament. He launched his political career in the 2001 General Elections and has remained a Member of Parliament until his election as President this week.

Adeang served as the Speaker of Parliament in 2004 and 2008 and held a number of cabinet portfolios including minister assisting the president as well as finance and justice.

Jeremiah is the first Nauruan to be accredited as Ambassador of the Republic of Nauru to Switzerland

A statement said “Ms Jeremiah presented her credentials to the President of the Swiss Confederation His Excellency Honourable Alain Berset at the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland, 17 October 2023.”

“Discussions centred on issues of mutual interest including climate change.”

“Ms Jeremiah previously presented her credentials in July 2019 as the ambassador of Nauru to the UN Office and other international organisations, then reappointed in March this year after relinquishing the position to take on the role of secretary for foreign affairs and trade in Nauru.”

Nauru’s Tobacco Control fines to be enforced next month

A statement issued by the government confirmed that the fines will be enforced from 26 November 2023.

“A person who commits a fixed penalty offence is issued a fixed penalty notice under the Tobacco Control Act. The list of fixed penalty offences and penalties are consolidated and provided in Schedule 1 (pictured).”

“Payment of a fixed penalty notice is made to the Nauru Revenue Office and a copy of the official receipt provided to the Registrar of Courts; after which the Registrar shall not list the case before the court.”

Nauru condemns terrorist attack on Israel

A statement issued by the government said “Nauru further condemns the taking of innocent civilians as hostages.”

“Nauru supports Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Nauru is also calling on the global community to stand in solidarity and in prayer with the State of Israel for an immediate end to this act of terrorism and for the safe passage of her people and hostages.


Nauru congratulates Fiji for reaching 53 years of Independence

A statement issued by the government said “Happy 53rd Independence Day to our friends from the Republic of the Fiji Islands. God bless Fiji.”

“Fiji gained independence on 10 October, 1970 from the United Kingdom.”

“The current flag of Fiji was officially adopted on 10 October, 1970.”

Transportation provided for Year 8 students during exams in Nauru

A statement said “The Department of Education and Training would like to inform that around-the-island bus service is available to pick up and drop off students at the exam venue (NSS Gym). There will be a sign onboard “YR 8 SCHOLARSHIP”.”

Bus schedules from Tuesday 10th October to Friday 13th October is as follows:

• 7:30am – student pick up

• 8:30am – drop off at NSS

• 11:30am – student pick up at NSS after exams

• 12:00pm – student drop off

RSIPF EOD put training to the test in Nauru

This was the first chance for Constable Regoso and Staff Sergeant Puaraua to use their newly attained level three International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) accreditation.

In Nauru, Constable Regoso and Staff Sergeant Puaraua worked with ADF team leader Sergeant Brent McLean, who delivered their IMAS training in early 2023.

“Working alongside people I’ve trained is very rewarding and both officers have been effective in the team by all accounts,” Sergeant McLean said.

ADF leads multinational team to support Nauru

A team of explosive ordnance disposal experts was deployed to Nauru to do a survey of reported World War II explosive remnants of war (ERW), munitions left behind after conflict at risk of detonation, for future disposal.

Invited by the Government of Nauru, the ADF specialists were joined by teams from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, New Zealand Army and United States Marine Corps and worked closely with the local government and police force.

Fuel tanker ship, Angel 38 berths in Nauru

A statement issued by the government said “The vessel carries diesel, petrol and Jet A1 fuels that are currently being discharged and will take about two days to complete.”

“New pipelines on the wharf provide a more efficient fuel discharge process.”

Nauru Maritime and Port Authority and Nauru Shipping Line Chief Executive Officer Frederick Pitcher said, this is a milestone achievement of the port redevelopment project, and is two years in the making.

Taiwan reaffirms support for Nauru’s plans for Micronesian Games

Deputy Minister Chung Kwang Tien visited the designated sites for the Micronesian Games on 20 August to inspect progress and discuss the project of building a track and field stadium similar to the one in the Marshall Islands.

Deputy Minister for Sports Jesse Jeremiah said the government remains committed and wants to see the success of this historical event happen in Nauru.

He added hosting the Micronesian Games will welcome more opportunities and other benefits such as health improvement through increased physical activity engagement.