RSIPF EOD put training to the test in Nauru

This was the first chance for Constable Regoso and Staff Sergeant Puaraua to use their newly attained level three International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) accreditation.

In Nauru, Constable Regoso and Staff Sergeant Puaraua worked with ADF team leader Sergeant Brent McLean, who delivered their IMAS training in early 2023.

“Working alongside people I’ve trained is very rewarding and both officers have been effective in the team by all accounts,” Sergeant McLean said.

ADF leads multinational team to support Nauru

A team of explosive ordnance disposal experts was deployed to Nauru to do a survey of reported World War II explosive remnants of war (ERW), munitions left behind after conflict at risk of detonation, for future disposal.

Invited by the Government of Nauru, the ADF specialists were joined by teams from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, New Zealand Army and United States Marine Corps and worked closely with the local government and police force.

Fuel tanker ship, Angel 38 berths in Nauru

A statement issued by the government said “The vessel carries diesel, petrol and Jet A1 fuels that are currently being discharged and will take about two days to complete.”

“New pipelines on the wharf provide a more efficient fuel discharge process.”

Nauru Maritime and Port Authority and Nauru Shipping Line Chief Executive Officer Frederick Pitcher said, this is a milestone achievement of the port redevelopment project, and is two years in the making.

Taiwan reaffirms support for Nauru’s plans for Micronesian Games

Deputy Minister Chung Kwang Tien visited the designated sites for the Micronesian Games on 20 August to inspect progress and discuss the project of building a track and field stadium similar to the one in the Marshall Islands.

Deputy Minister for Sports Jesse Jeremiah said the government remains committed and wants to see the success of this historical event happen in Nauru.

He added hosting the Micronesian Games will welcome more opportunities and other benefits such as health improvement through increased physical activity engagement.

Nauru observes public holiday to celebrate Ibumin Earoeni

The public holiday was declared by President Russ Kun for 7am to 5pm in celebration of Ibumin Earoeni.

A statement said released by the government said “Pursuant to the powers in that behalf vested in me under Section 81 1(k), of the Public Service Act 2016, I, HON. RUSS JOSEPH KUN, MP, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF NAURU, DO HEREBY, declare Monday 21st August, 2023 from 7.00am to 5.00pm to be observed by the officers and employees of the Public Service and its instrumentalities in Celebration of Ibumin Earoeni Day (Day of the Tribes).”

Nauru’s Winzar Kakiouea to make his debut at the 2023 World Athletics Championships

Winzar Kakiouea will be flying the nation’s flag and also making his debut.

The debutant has previously represented Nauru at the 2019 Area Championships as an u20 and will be proudly representing Nauru in the 100m Prelims in Budapest.

The 100m Prelims will be held on Saturday, 19 August.


Nauru Government focuses on migration of people to higher ground

This is after the Department of Climate Change and National Resilience officially launched the Higher Ground Initiative master plan on 4 August.

The statement issued by the government said “The master plan details Nauru’s first smart village, addressing socio-economic and environmental issues, through long-term planning of the migration of people and vital infrastructure to higher ground.”

In his speech, Minister for DCCNR Rennier Gadabu said “phosphate mining brought the country an income but it left us with land where we could not build; that is changing”.

Nauru’s Financial Intelligence Unit discusses evaluation report with stakeholders

A statement issued by the government said “The mutual evaluation report will be a comprehensive review of Nauru’s measures in combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.”

“In preparation for this, the FIU held the meeting with private sector stakeholders, giving the participants the opportunity to address issues in relation to financial accountability and to offer recommendations for further steps.”

It is expected that the evaluation will be carried out later this year by assessors from the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering.


Nauru prohibits exportation of AUD$5,000 cash or more

Minister of Finance and Sustainable Development, Martin Hunt has made the following order in Section 92(3) of the Customs Act 2014.

Hunt also confirmed the exportation of the following amount or more can only be made possible by a written approval of the Chief Collector of Customs.

A statement issued by the government said “That the exportation by a person whether on his or her person, by luggage or cargo of cash the sum in Australian Dollars of $5,000 or more, is prohibited, unless the written approval of the Chief Collector of Customs has first been obtained.”

Climate Change Awareness workshop held in Nauru

A statement issued by the government said the awareness was on the impacts of climate change on selected sectors of the economy and adaptation measures for the country.

“The technical assistance provided by CCFAH is to enhance institutional capacity for improved access to climate finance and meet priority needs for Nauru and secure sustainable development.”