Last day to receive first dose of the vaccine

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the adult population on Nauru 18 years and over including foreigners have been continually urged through GIO messages, Media and Digicel platforms to visit the vaccine Centre’s to get their first shot by the end of today.

On Thursday 6 May 603 people visited the vaccine centers to get their first dose bringing the total number of people administered with the vaccine to 6,854.

80 per cent of Nauru’s adult population receive first COVID-19 vaccine

 The President in his COVID-19 update thanked all those that have taken the vaccine; and while he understands there is still hesitancy by some for religious or other reasons, appeals to everyone, to consider your health and for your loved ones, to get vaccinated, today, Friday 7 May.

 All expats/foreigners are also urged to go and get vaccinated, regardless if you have identification documents or not.

 First and foremost, you do not miss this opportunity for vaccination otherwise you will not be eligible to take the second dose in June-July.

Nauru and Taiwan sign MOU to establish a Taiwan Digital Opportunity Centre (TDOC)

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the TDOC project will provide equipment and expertise by Taiwan to train local talents to bridge the digital divide with the partnership of Nauru’s Department of Information, Communication and Technology (DOICT).

The MOU signing ceremony was held at the DOICT yesterday (Tuesday) and co-signed by Dean Wang, the ROC (Taiwan) Ambassador to Nauru and Pyon Deiye, Nauru’s Deputy Minister for ICT representing both governments respectively.

Nauru hits 75 per cent COVID vaccination rate

Monday saw the highest number of vaccinations in one day for Nauru, with 11 per cent (776) of the adult population taking their first dose of the COVID vaccine.

“The target is to deliver 7000 doses although we have capacity to deliver 8500 doses,” the Ministry of Health and Medical Services said.

From today there are only three days left, to get vaccinated.

Countries leading the vaccination delivery to their populations are Gibraltar at 97.4 per cent, followed by Seychelles and Israel both around 60 per cent.

Nauru ramps up COVID-19 vaccination efforts

The deadline for vaccination of the first dose is Friday, 7 May.

The vaccination roll-out caters for Nauruans and foreigners over the age of 18-years.

Nauru Media News- NTV reports six vaccine stations were set up last Friday for people to visit and get their first shot.

Home visits were conducted as well.

On Saturday Naoero Public Health and Menen Hall were opened to the public for vaccination.

Nauru public urged to get COVID vaccination

Friday 7 May is the final day to receive the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“After this date it will not be possible for you to get your first dose. You will not be able to take this first dose at the time the second dose is being rolled out. You need the first dose in order to take the second, “the ministry said in a statement.

You are urged to go to any of the vaccinations centres that are open every day to get your shot, NOW!

For more information, call 5573072. If you need transport, call 5573915


Taiwan Technical Mission in Nauru gives out free seedlings

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the TTM gives out free seedlings to people on the first Saturday of each month.

It’s for people who want to start a small kitchen garden for a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as sell their vegetable products to earn a small and sustainable income.

Seedlings comprising cauliflower, hot chili, water crest, cabbage and sweet potato were given out Saturday morning for free along with compost to aid growers produce healthy vegetables.

TTM staff provided helpful tips for growing healthy and big vegetables.

3000 receive COVID vaccine in Nauru

This equates to 45 per cent of Nauru’s total adult population.

But there are still 3,500 people who have not been vaccinated and there is only one week left to do so. The urgency and importance to get vaccinated cannot be stressed enough.

Nauru has protocols in place to stop the virus (capture & contain policy) but we, the people, Nauruans and foreigners, need to do our part.

The vaccine is available for everyone in Nauru. Go to any of the vaccination centres at Public Health, Menen hall, and sports complex, from 10am to 7pm, to get your shot.

Nauru prepares for Census 2021

Census Coordinator Lindsey Thoma from the Bureau of Statistics said in an interview with Radio Nauru FM 105 that the national census which is conducted every ten years is about counting everyone on the island within the given census timeframe.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports a census has a reference date for instance if it is October 30 then the person will be counted including the place where he is sleeping or the family they are staying with at this particular point of time.

Nauru supports autism awareness in the community

Activities included poster, essay, songs, logo, banner, poems competition.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports participants received awards at the event Friday 23 April.

The month of April is dedicated to Autism Awareness.

The competitions ran from 19 April 19 to 23 April.

The winners of the following categories are;

For the poster competition years 7-9 1st place Taime Keke, 2nd Jordana Agigo and 3rd Kaydee Starr. Essay winners aged 10-13, 1st place Regina Omeli, 2nd Mr. Eldie Starr and third Twainice Deidenang.