Japan assists Nauru with procurement of crane truck

Fisheries Minister Wawani Dowiyogo and Japan Ambassador Fumihiro Kawakami signed a grant contract to formalise the Project for Procurement of Crane Truck to the Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority (NFMRA).

The Government of Japan, through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), will provide fund assistance of AU$208,844 to procure a crane truck.

“I am very pleased to assist Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority. By implementing this project, their daily operation’s safety and efficiency will be meaningfully enhanced,” Ambassador Kawakami said.

A statement said the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation of Japan installed the existing crane truck six years ago and it has since been deteriorating and will soon cause safety issues for the workers.

With a new crane truck, safety and efficiency of operations will meaningfully benefit the ministry and local fisherman.

Apart from the Fisheries sector, the embassy of Japan has provided heavy machineries for the higher ground initiative (HGI) and the expansion of the Nauru port in Aiwo.

The embassy has also supported the RON hospital with approximately AU14 million worth of medical equipment.


Photo GIO