Over 300 people living with disabilities in Nauru

President Russ Joseph Kun said they have been registered by the Department of People Living with Disabilities.

Kun also said, “This year the Department for People Living with Disability will undertake modification of homes for persons living with disability to accommodate their special needs.”

Nauru acceded to the Convention of the Rights of People with Disability on 27 June 2012.


Nauru records over 4,000 Covid-19 cases in a period of 3 years

President Russ Kun confirmed that in this period there was only one death reported.

“As of 10 July 2020, a total of 24,143 vaccine doses have been administered.”

Kun thanked all the front liners for their dedication and efforts.

“Moreover, I thank all our development partners for their continued assistance and support,” he said.


Nauru celebrates 55th anniversary of independence

In his address, President Russ Joseph Kun said they are also commemorating the 77th Anniversary of our peoples return from Chuuk.

“Even as Nauru celebrates, our hearts lament in remembrance of our ancestors, uprooted from 2 of their homes to live in a country not their own.”

“Their stories passed down through generations, forever embedded in Nauru’s history are a part of our essence as a nation. Their courage, patriotism, tenacity, and unwavering faith in God are an inspiration.”

Taiwan’s Ambassador presents credentials to Nauru President

Ambassador Lin holds a Bachelor of Political Science Degree from the National Taiwan University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from RMIT University in Australia.

A statement from the Government Information Office said he is a seasoned diplomat with a vast experience in Foreign affairs.

Prior to his arrival in Nauru, Ambassador Lin was posted as the Director General of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Surabaya, Indonesia. Ambassador Lin succeeds Dean Hai-Long Wang who served in the role for over three years.

Nauru Government clarifies ovid-19 rules

Confirmed cases and their close contacts must isolate and cannot leave their home without approval from the Covid-19 health taskforce.

No one can visit people who are isolated.

Random checks will be conducted by the taskforce, and anyone in breach of the rules could be fined $US3,500.


Students in Nauru encouraged to be vaccinated before returning to school

The Department of Education said, “Once they receive their vaccine, they can then re-commence school.”

“Education and the task force advises parents & guardians including school staff to keep in mind COVID measures and continue to practice health measures to avoid getting Covid.”

Throughout the term, Education and taskforce will work closely to manage and contain Covid and to keep everyone safe.

The Department of Education has also welcomed back all staff and students and is urging parents and guardians to ensure their their children attend school every day.

Nauru probe into Thai property allegations

The Government understands the allegations relate to the residence being used as a facility for illegal operations by foreigners, for forging passports.

It said it did not sanction or authorise the former consul-general to allegedly lease the residence.

Nauru said this is the subject of ongoing investigations in Bangkok and reassures the authorities that it stands ready to cooperate to assist the investigation.


Nauru Government investigates reports of former diplomat implicated in allegations related to leased property in Bangkok

A statement released today said, “The Government had absolutely no knowledge that Mr Dame had entered into any such lease.”

BenarNews reports the residence, which investigators raided on December. 22, was used as a base for forging passports by foreigners including two Chinese nationals wanted by Beijing, Thai police have said. 

Dame’s whereabouts as well as his and the Nauru consulate’s role, if any, in the passport mill are unclear. According to the Thai police, the illicit operation forged Chinese and Nauru passports reports BenarNews,

20 Nauru Government scholarship students graduate

The students were given the opportunity to study overseas including Fiji and Australia.

Secretary for Education and Training Darrina Kun encouraged the students to continue pursuing their studies at a higher level, tertiary scholarships such as the AusAID Scholarships and Taiwan MOFA Scholarship are available for new applicant.

Nauru Media News NTV reports Nauru also has a USP campus open for enrolment that offers tertiary level of education.

24 graduate from Pleaders Course

The ceremony on Friday was hosted by the Department of Justice and Border Control, with Speaker of Parliament Marcus Stephen, Deputy Minister for Justice Maverick Eoe and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Lionel Aingimea conferring the certificates.

A statement said former Justice Minister Mathew Batsiua scored the highest amongst his peers, earning him the Best Overall Student award as well as the Best Male Student award while Blossom Tsiode achieved the Best Female Student award.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions it took two years to complete the 2021-2022 pleaders course.