Nauru stands strong with Micronesia during coronavirus pandemic

“Mr. President we have travelled some 3000miles albeit in the midst of a global pandemic with border restrictions, but we have been inspired by our COVID Free Micronesia; which through the Grace of God, we continue to enjoy today,” President Aingimea said in his opening statement at the Micronesian Presidents Summit in Palau.

“We imagined, we discussed and we planned for this meeting…, we imagined that we could do it, we discussed that we could do it, planned that we could do it because we are in a Micronesian free area and we are in a travel bubble that allowed us to do this.”

Palau shores up defence for likely Covid-19 cases

On Sunday, the National Emergency Committee (NEC) said all hands were working on "developing and implementing plans and measures to better prepare and prevent the entry and spread of Covid-19."

On Friday, the construction of a Covid-19 testing facility began and was expected to be completed this week.

The NEC and the Ministry of Health were also working with numerous hoteliers that had offered their properties as isolation sites for passengers' 14-day quarantine.

Palau closes schools for two weeks as COVID-19 measure

The government said this was a preventive measure despite Palau being coronavirus -free.

The move was also seen as a response to the public outcry following the Ministry of Education's previous announcement that schools would be open amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However President Tommy Remengesau Junior did not advocate for a restricted movement order of government employees.

He said government offices would remain open and employees would still need to go to work except when sick.

Palau bans toxic sunscreens

Palau, known as an underwater wonder is also home to healthy reefs.

The ban are for sunscreens that contain chemicals including oxybenzone, octocylene, 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor and parabens and triclosan which is found in most common sunscreen products in the market.

In a press statement, Palau's President Tommy Remengesau said "the harmful effects of chemical sunscreen are well-documented by scientists around the world, and that includes our local experts."


Palau to host 2025 Pacific Mini Games

The Micronesian country previously hosted the Games in 2005 and plan to refurbish most of their existing facilities over the next few years.

The President of the Palau Olympic Committee, Frank Kyota, said the successful bid was the result of a lot of preparation and hard work over the last 18-20 months.

Palau, Samoa vie for 2025 Mini Games hosting

Samoa and Palau met the Jan. 14 deadline for the submission of bids and their documents will be subjected for evaluation by the executive board of the Pacific Games Council.

An evaluation report will be then sent to the 23-member island nations mid May, while the winning bid will be announced on July 14 during the group’s general assembly in Apia.


Six people isolated as Palau fights to beat dengue

Health minister Imaes Roberts said those in hospital are not in a critical condition and there have been no deaths related to the latest dengue type 3 outbreak which was detected last month.

Mr Roberts said five people died from the mosquito borne disease in 2016 but he said he's confident the latest outbreak will be contained.

He said the public has taken preventative measures against mosquitoes but says recent rain has not helped.

He praised the public's response to clean-up and awareness campaigns regarding preventative measures against mosquitoes.

Jailed DHL heir allowed to leave Palau

Hillbroom was arrested and given a five-year sentence in Palau in July after he failed a drugs test imposed as part of a methamphetamine trafficking sentence.

AFP reports prosecutors asked for a 30-year sentence but Hillbroom was allowed to seek treatment overseas because of his wealth.

Associate Justice Lourdes Materne said the 30-year term would stand if he did not complete the rehabilitation programme or failed another drug test after returning to Palau.

Old bombs at Pacific war sites more dangerous than ever - NGO

Cleared Ground Demining has been removing the discarded or lost explosives from around Palau, particularly Peleliu, for the last eight years.

To date they have removed, diffused and safely detonated more than 50,000 tonnes of material.

A spokesperson for the NGO, Cassandra McKeown, said the work is becoming increasingly urgent as the old military ordnance is now more dangerous than ever.

Palau hosts the 30th Pacific Educational Conference

Andrew Tabelaul was speaking ahead of the 30th Pacific Educational Conference, which takes place this week in Palau.

Over 400 people will attend the bi-ennial event including delegates from the the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

Mr Tabelaul, from Palau's Ministry of Education, said the focus of the conference was quality and sustainability in education for student success.