RON Hospital introduces new medical ID card

Members of the public requiring medical assistance at the RON Hospital will now have to present a medical identification card.

Nauru Media reports the new system will help medical staff to fast track patients' personal information.

The ID card will also be useful for patients as they will avoid the long queue.

The ministry is recommending persons to carry and present their medical card when seeking medical assistance.

Mrs Mackay said the new system got underway in the second week of February and only 15 percent of the population have received their medical ID.

The public is advised to collect their medical ID at the medical record section or visit the friendly staff to create a new ID.

It is advised to use birth certificates or passports to register and create new ID and it is important to take care of this medical id for medical purposes.

Mrs Mackay also said that if you do not have a medical ID you can still seek medical support in the hospital.

The new system at RON Hospital contains an individual’s medical information and it will have more features in the future.


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