Australian Defence Force conducts reconnaissance work in Nauru

A statement issued by the government said “This involves taking picture, drawings and measurements to determine what the munitions is and advise planning and disposal.”

“The UXO has been identified as a U.S World War II 500lb bomb.”

“It is safely contained and not posing an immediate risk to public safety but ADF Warrant Officer Class 2 Brett Hitchins says there’s a lot of precaution surrounding the UXO because of the dangers of it.”

Nauru’s Aiwo road block now lifted

This has been confirmed by the Nauru Police Force.

Nauru Police said “The restricted zone is again reduced to 140 meters until tomorrow pending further notice by Police.”

“Residents within this restricted zone are asked to comply with instructions and not return home.”

“140 meters radius is from the crossroad in front of old Noddy's building to residential houses then cut accross to bug tent at Aiue Boulevard.”

“Until tomorrow 11/07/23 at 0800hrs road block will recommence for the continued work on the unexploded ordnance.”

Nauru prepares to mine deep seas in big climate controversy

It is so small, it has no capital city and just one road. But its roughly 12,000 inhabitants are at the heart of a conflict over mining the world’s sea beds for precious minerals.

The clash pits differing views about how to tackle climate change. Nauru’s government sees rare earth metals as a key component in the green energy transition. However, conservationists argue that mining the ocean floor will threaten vital marine ecosystems.

Nauru joins 53rd session of Human Rights Council in Geneva

A statement issued by the government said “Human Rights Pleader Katherine Belong is Nauru’s delegate at the HRC53 and will deliver individual and joint statements regarding the standard of human rights activities in Nauru and how they were dealt with prior to the UN conventions which Nauru has ratified.”

Ms Belong said the session has helped her in capacity building and “understanding further on the work of the UN towards its member states”.

This is the second of three HRC sessions held annually. Ms Belong will also represent Nauru at the 54th session in September.

Over 300 patients in Nauru treated by Taiwan’s visiting mobile medical team

Consisted of Specialists in ophthalmology and cardiology, the team stayed treated the patients during their stay from 19-30 June.

A statement said “A total of 29 surgeries were performed including eyelid tumour excisions, pterygium excisions and intravitreal injections, amongst others.”

Taiwan Ambassador Dean Lin thanked the Nauru government for its steadfast diplomatic support and continued cooperation between the two nations.

Nauru observes public holiday to commemorate Ronphos Handover

The public holiday was declared by the Acting President of the Republic of Nauru, Martin Hunt.

A statement issued by the government said “I, Martin Hunt, Acting President of the Republic of Nauru, Do Hereby, declares Monday 3rd July, 2023, from 9am to 5pm as a public holiday to be observed by the officers and employees of the Public Service and its instrumentalities in Commemoration of Ronphos Handover.”

RONPhos Handover Day and was established in Nauru in 2017 to remember the handing over of formerly British-owned phosphate mines in Nauru to local control.


Nauru scoops eight medals at the Special Olympics World Games

The medals were won in the weightlifting event by Sisqo Cain and Zinzael Agir.

Cain claimed four gold medals from 120kg+ lift, squat of 210 kg, Bench-press of 140kg and Deadlift of 200kg.

Agir claimed two silver and two silver medals.

The duo were the only athletes that represented Nauru at the world meet.


Nauru collects gold medals at the Oceania Cup

The two athletes were Soriano Dabana and Jonathan Detageaouwa.

Jonathan Detageaouwa has set a new national record in the shotput event with a throw of 16.07m.

The previous record was held by him as well. His overall result was first place in the Shotput and 3rd Place in Discuss.

Soriano Dabana competed in the Men’s Masters Shotput and Discuss Event and won the Gold Medal in Discuss and Silver Medal in Shotput.

Oceania Cup Placing and winners are as follows;

Nauru celebrates Eigigu Day

The event was declared by the Acting President, Richard-Hyde Menke.

Nauru will also be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Nauru Cooperative Society.

A statement issued by the government said “From 7.00am to 5.00pm as a public holiday to be observed by the officers and employees of the Public Service.”


Nauru’s Rock blasting operations gets underway in Meneng

The Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation has issued a notice stating “The operations will be carried out Monday to Friday, from 6-7am and 12-1pm at the topside Meneng portion 230 and 430 from 1 March to 31 December 2023.”

The public is advised to stay clear of these areas during blasting operation times.