Operation Render Safe successfully disposes unexploded ordnances in Nauru

The operation is a joint mission between the governments of Nauru and Australia, carried out by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the Nauru Police Force (NPF) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

A statement said this is the continuation of the first Operation Render Safe mission undertaken in Nauru in 2020.

Eight UXOs were safely and successfully disposed of at a secure site at Topside on Wednesday.

Three of which have been described by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as dangerous.

Nauru prepares to celebrate Aroreni Day

The event which celebrates the 12 tribes of Nauru and the history of Aroreni wil be held tomorrow and Saturday.

The Department of Internal Affairs has organised a programme which involves several activities and competitions for all the tribesmen and women.

Competitions include canoe fishing, noddy bird catching, net fishing, rod fishing and catching flying fish which will be tomorrow.

There is also an outboard fishing competition on Saturday August 20.

Nauru Minister’s Cup Marlin Competition hosts over 50 participants

The Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority hosted the event last week to commemorate its 25th anniversary.

The boats launched in the early hours of the morning at 5am and returned before 11am on 9 August. Forty-six boats launched from Boe channel and eight launched from Anibare boat harbor. Twenty-eight boats returned to Anibare boat harbour for weighing purposes.


The winners are as follows.

Single heaviest tuna

1st - Baiyo 42.8 kg yft

2nd - Paroro 41.6 kg yft

3rd - Lloyd 25 kg yft

Overall total

Over 90 children receive Covid-19 vaccination in Nauru

Another 120 received theirs on Monday 8 August, totaling 217 children.

President Lionel Aingimea said of this 217 total, 11 children received their first dose (89 per cent) and 206 children received their second dose (58 per cent) and are therefore fully vaccinated.

“Children who have taken their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine three weeks ago are now eligible to take the second dose.”

Nauru receives Covid vaccines from Switzerland

President Lionel Aingimea expressed his gratitude to the government of Switzerland for the donation and Australia for covering the cost of the associated ancillaries (syringes, diluents).

Aingimea also thanked the government of the United States of America for donating 12,000 Pfizer vaccines which will be delivered at a later date.

As the country responds to the pandemic, step 3 of easing of Covid restrictions remains in place.

Australia’s Charisma Amoe-Tarrant lifts for her late mother and uncle

"That's for my mum, and also my uncle who passed away from cancer, and I know he was also very supportive of my lifting, like my mum," she said.

"All the lifting is for them."

Amoe-Tarrant was born in Nauru and lived there until she was 12 years of age.

Her mother died of kidney problems in 2009, so she and her siblings were adopted by their grandparents, who brought them to Australia.

Four years ago, Amoe-Tarrant won a silver medal for her country of birth, and now the 23-year-old has one as an Australian.

Nauru Police officers deployed to UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan

This is the first time that NPF officers have been deployed to the mission in the Central African nation.

Superintendent Imran Scotty, Sergeant Drusky Dabadauw and Senior Constable Jacaranda Akibwib were selected after successfully completing a four-week United Nations Police (UNPOL) pre-deployment training programme in Ankara, Turkey in February.

Nauru weightlifter dedicates medal to ex-champion mother of five killed by Covid

Reanna Solomon, a mother of five, died aged 40 on July 3. 

Despite nearly half of Nauru's population testing positive in early July, hers is the only death from the virus.

She won gold in the women’s over-75 kilograms super-heavyweights at Manchester 2002 and competed at the Olympic Games in 2004, finishing 11th.

"It was so sad," said Maximina Uepa, 19, after finishing third in the women's 76kg today.

"I would like to dedicate my medal to her memory."

More children receive Covid-19 vaccine in Nauru

President Lionel Aingimea said that out of this number, 3 children received their first dose (89 per cent) and 88 children received their second dose (39 per cent) and are therefore fully vaccinated.

“Children who have taken their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine three weeks ago are now eligible to take the second dose.”

“Parents and guardians are advised that if your child has Covid, it is better to wait three months from the time of infection to get their first dose. This will help the body increase immunity.”

Nauru in six-country joint MOU signed for East Micronesia Cable Project

The six-country Memorandum of Understanding sets out partners’ intentions to deliver timely, quality project outcomes.

The East Micronesia Cable is an ambitious project to deliver secure, transparent and reliable telecommunications infrastructure to connect Kosrae (FSM), Nauru, and Tarawa (Kiribati) with the existing HANTRU-1 cable at Pohnpei (FSM).