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Nauru’s COVID-Taskforce has been disbanded

Minister for Finance Martin Hunt told Parliament on June that the COVID taskforce is completely closed for the budget 2023-24.

This follows the World Health Organisation announcement that COVID-19 is “no longer a global health emergency”.

General health services in the country can provide the care and prevention services that may still be needed going forwarded.

According to the Nauru FY 2023-24 budget, $17.9 million was spent on implementing strategies for the pandemic spanning two years.


RON Hospital Critical Care Unit relocates patients and staff to Acute Care Unit

Dr. Nakalevu, the Director of Medical Services (DMS) told Nauru Media that due to a shortage of beds and a surge in the number of sick children admitted especially infants who were suffering from a respiratory infection had inconvenienced RON Hospital in catering for new patients admitted in the Critical Care Unit.

A temporary relocation was approved and all staff including patients were moved to the Acute Care Unit.

RON Hospital introduces new medical ID card

Nauru Media reports the new system will help medical staff to fast track patients' personal information.

The ID card will also be useful for patients as they will avoid the long queue.

The ministry is recommending persons to carry and present their medical card when seeking medical assistance.

Mrs Mackay said the new system got underway in the second week of February and only 15 percent of the population have received their medical ID.

Movement restricted at Nauru hospital

The cases are now in containment at the acute ward negative pressure unit.

Nauru Media News reports frontline officers at the front gate are screening everyone going to the hospital.

The protocol covers all visitors, staff and outpatients.

The public has been advised to cooperate with the frontline team in order for the screening operation to run smooth and everyone can continue with their business in the hospital.

RON Hospital manages influenza outbreak in Nauru

The Director of Medical Services (DMS) Dr. Lincoln Menda informed Nauru Media that despite the challenge, RON Hospital is managing and handling the situation.

According to Dr. Menda, about 10 to 50 patients have visited the Out-patient clinic for medical attention on a daily basis over 3 weeks.

Despite the daily numbers and with limited human resources in doctors and nurses, RON Hospital is managing the influenza outbreak with doctors reshuffled to address the situation and ensure patients are getting much needed medical assistance.