Nauru Covid numbers continue to soar

There are now 1048 known active community cases.

President Lionel Aingimea said one in every five people being tested is Covid positive.

Managed isolation facilities are full, people who test positive are advised to isolate at home.

Mr Aingimea has previously said the country will soon have to start living with the virus.

The Nauru Government is also offering a subsidy each evening to allow people with Digicel phones to use them more easily.


Nauru Covid cases double almost every two days

Last night President Lionel Aingimea said cases are doubling almost every two days and about one in five people are tested positive.

There are now 861 active cases.

Eight people remain admitted in ACU for observation including two maternity cases.

The child has been discharged to a quarantine facility and is being observed by nurses in quarantine.

All the cases are stable and not requiring critical medical attention.

A total of 4,597 tests have been done this outbreak.


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Paediatric Pfizer Covid vaccine arrives in Nauru

The vaccine arrived on a charter flight last night.

Minister for Ronphos Reagan Aliklik and Deputy Australian High Commissioner Andrew Hodges received the consignment at the airport, which were then transported to cold storage by the hospital’s pharmacist.

A statement from the Nauru Government said children aged 5 to 11 years old can start receiving their first dose this week.

"Announcements will be made by Public Health."

This is the second delivery of the paediatric Pfizer Covid vaccine to Nauru this year.

Big hike in number of covid cases in Nauru

There are now 606 cases, up from 337 reported on Sunday.

President Lionel Aingimea said that, as of Wednesday morning, 14 people are in negative air pressure units.

He said the vaccination rate is high, at 98 percent.

This is the first time Nauru has experienced community transmission of the virus.

Just 13 cases had been detected at the borded in late March - they have all since recovered.

Nauru government information officer Kelly Amram said Covid-19 protocols are in place in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus.

Nauru sees more Covid-19 cases

Aingimea said there are 140 people quarantined at the Budapest Transition Station, and 150 at the Menen Transition Station.

Eleven people are in the negative pressure Acute Care Unit, including one child who is well and playful.

Three of them are unvaccinated for personal reasons, but everyone is well and none of them are showing symptoms nor do they require critical care.

Nauru records first community Covid-19 cases

337 people have tested positive for Covid-19 so far on Nauru.

Government information office director Joanna Olsson said there have only been 13 other cases detected at the border so far.

They were detected in hotel quarantine from incoming travellers on 31 March, but test results came on April 1. They were all contained in quarantine facilities and have since recovered.

In this outbreak, the first of its kind in the community, three were initially detected on Friday, June 17.

Over 100 Covid-19 cases recorded in Nauru

In his address to the nation, President Lionel Aingimea said of the total number of cases, 101 are placed in isolation and the rest are isolating at home. Some are isolating in Ewa, Baitsi, Aiwo, Boe, Menen, and Ijuw.

“There are only four people in the negative pressure Acute Care Unit (ACU) at the RON Hospital, and none of them are in respiratory distress nor are they in a critical condition needing 24/7 assistance.”

Aingimea said the number of people with COVID is rising but none are in a critical state.


Nauru Health conducts workshop for People with disabilities

This was the highlight of discussion made at the Nauru Health Support System Project Workshop for people with disabilities, last week.

Facilitator Alumita Lekenaua then got the workshop underway by going through the research document highlighting a few things which included the purpose and objectives of the workshop and how the research was conducted.

The discussion points of today's important workshop will focus on the 7 potential barriers facing PWD's which included;

1. Attitude of healthcare workers

2. Communication barriers

3. Physical barriers

Nauru reduces import duty of petrol and diesel

The conflict in Ukraine with boycotts of Russian fuel supply continues to negatively affect the global oil and gas supply.

This is resulting in higher prices in Nauru not only for fuel directly but all goods due to pressure on shipping and production costs. OPEC members decided to increase output (2 June) for July-August however constraints in global refining capacity are likely driving current prices.

ADF officers find 10 unexploded ordnance during assessment on Nauru

A Nauru Government release said Sergeant Brett Hitchins and Corporal Beau Kahler of the ADF military unit 20th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron, 6th Engineer Support Regiment, conducted an assessment of some old WWII ordnance discovered around the island.

Sergeant Hitchins said the munitions were found around the surrounding areas of the airstrip and still pose a significant danger to everyone which can be catastrophic.

"We strongly recommend people don't touch it [munitions] but definitely don't move anything."