Lockdown on Tokelau as first community case of Covid is confirmed

A spokesperson for the government has confirmed to RNZ Pacific the small nation of three atolls announced the first-ever case on Sunday.

Up until now Tokelau, which is a dependency of New Zealand, was the last remaining country along with Turkmenistan to not have experienced community cases.

RNZ Pacific reports the case is located on Nukunonu, the largest atoll in Tokelau.

Tokelau has now been plunged into lockdown.

The index case doesn't know how they contracted the virus.

Work is underway to establish how the virus entered the community.

New Caledonia reaches unwanted Covid landmark

The latest figure, covering the past week, brings the total number of cases since September 2021 to 70,937.

The death toll remains at 314 - all of them died after the Delta variant entered the community in that same month.

Pandemic-related restrictions have now been lifted.


Nauru has 12 new Covid cases, 3,998 cases recovered

There are 586 active cases and two occupants at the Menen quarantine facility who were incoming passengers on a flight on Sunday will undergo the full 13 days isolation period.

Two cases admitted at the hospital’s Acute Care Unit have mild or no Covid symptoms but have underlying illness.

They will be discharged later today.

According to the Government Information Office, 150 tests were conducted over the weekend.

A total of 15,758 Covid tests have been carried out in this outbreak.

There were 3,998 recoveries and one death.

Nauru Covid numbers continue to soar

There are now 1048 known active community cases.

President Lionel Aingimea said one in every five people being tested is Covid positive.

Managed isolation facilities are full, people who test positive are advised to isolate at home.

Mr Aingimea has previously said the country will soon have to start living with the virus.

The Nauru Government is also offering a subsidy each evening to allow people with Digicel phones to use them more easily.