No new community Covid cases in Nauru in latest figures

In the most recent figures Nauru is reporting no new community cases.

There are 46 active cases but none are critical.

4,449 cases have recovered in the five weeks since the virus hit the island.

21 houses are still in lockdown     

Classes for Years 11 and 12 students to resume on Monday

All other classes remain on hold.

The Department of Education said it is working closely with the Taskforce to ensure that all safety measures are undertaken by students and teachers in regards to physical distancing, sanitising hands and wearing masks

Meanwhile 188 children aged 5-11 received their Covid vaccinations on Wednesday.

Of this number, 79 children received their first dose (76 per cent) and 109 children received their second dose (14 per cent) and are therefore fully vaccinated.

Covid vaccination for children continue in Nauru

The Government Information Office said the total number of children that have received their first dose is 1,779.

Children who have taken their first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine on the 27th -28th June are now eligible to take the second dose.

Authorities are advising parents and guardians to get their child tested and vaccinated at the Aiue Boulevard in Aiwo.

Nauru has 12 new Covid cases, 3,998 cases recovered

There are 586 active cases and two occupants at the Menen quarantine facility who were incoming passengers on a flight on Sunday will undergo the full 13 days isolation period.

Two cases admitted at the hospital’s Acute Care Unit have mild or no Covid symptoms but have underlying illness.

They will be discharged later today.

According to the Government Information Office, 150 tests were conducted over the weekend.

A total of 15,758 Covid tests have been carried out in this outbreak.

There were 3,998 recoveries and one death.

Five new Covid cases in Nauru, 4,355 active cases

There are now 4,355 active cases with four cases admitted at the Acute Care Unit with an additional 3 carers.

All patients have mild or no Covid symptoms but have underlying illness.

According to the report, 202 tests were done on Thursday.

A total of 15,203 tests were conducted in this outbreak.

The report said 3,598 cases have recovered.

To date there has been one death.

A total of 67 houses are on lockdown with 1,037 residents.

60 children receive first dose of Covid-19 vaccines in Nauru

 Forty-three per cent of this group received their first dose.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the vaccination station in Aiwo Boulevard and Public Health was closed on Sunday, 10 July and resumed a day after. 

“With the current soft lockdown in place, Public Health teams will set up vaccination stations for the 5-11 age group in districts and will conduct house to house vaccination visits.”

“Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring children who are able to get vaccinated sooner rather than later.”

Empty seats mark first Pacific Islands Forum summit meeting

Prime ministers from Australia and Papua New Guinea are expected to fly into Suva tonight, however the empty seats with Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Nauru name tags will not be filled.

This morning's meeting for leaders, observers and associate members was opened by Fijian prime minister Frank Bainimarama, who acknowledged the 'breakdown in communication' with the Micronesian bloc.

He called on the leaders to remember the necessity of re-establishing "our family bonds".

Nauru continues to record new Covid-19 cases

This was confirmed in an announcement by the President, Lionel Aingimea.

He said the results was from the 237 tests that was carried out by the Ministry of Health last week.

A total of 2,402 cases have recovered and one death from the virus.

Ten cases have been admitted to the Acute Care Unit with an additional three carers, four patients with moderate cases and six patients with mild or no Covid symptoms but have underlying illness.

A total of 158 houses are in lockdown with 1,730 residents.

PCRIC Signs MoU with the University of the South Pacific

The partnership will enable institutional cooperation to promote educational programs that help build capacity and technical knowledge of improved disaster risk finance and management in the region.

The MoU was executed by the USP’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Pal Ahluwalia and the PCRIC CEO, Mr. Aholotu Palu.

Nearly half of Nauru has had Covid

Nearly 1600 cases have recovered, meaning about half of the island's population has been infected in a matter of weeks.

There are nine cases in the hospital's Acute Care Unit.