People with Disabilities

Over 300 people living with disabilities in Nauru

President Russ Joseph Kun said they have been registered by the Department of People Living with Disabilities.

Kun also said, “This year the Department for People Living with Disability will undertake modification of homes for persons living with disability to accommodate their special needs.”

Nauru acceded to the Convention of the Rights of People with Disability on 27 June 2012.


Nauru Health conducts workshop for People with disabilities

This was the highlight of discussion made at the Nauru Health Support System Project Workshop for people with disabilities, last week.

Facilitator Alumita Lekenaua then got the workshop underway by going through the research document highlighting a few things which included the purpose and objectives of the workshop and how the research was conducted.

The discussion points of today's important workshop will focus on the 7 potential barriers facing PWD's which included;

1. Attitude of healthcare workers

2. Communication barriers

3. Physical barriers