ADF officers find 10 unexploded ordnance during assessment on Nauru

Army personal from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) discovered ten unexploded ordnance in Nauru in the past week.

A Nauru Government release said Sergeant Brett Hitchins and Corporal Beau Kahler of the ADF military unit 20th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron, 6th Engineer Support Regiment, conducted an assessment of some old WWII ordnance discovered around the island.

Sergeant Hitchins said the munitions were found around the surrounding areas of the airstrip and still pose a significant danger to everyone which can be catastrophic.

"We strongly recommend people don't touch it [munitions] but definitely don't move anything."

Sergeant Hitchins and Corporal Kahler have identified a location to detonate the items which will be done later in the year.

"There's a fair bit of work to achieve that [detonation] safely. That's obviously one of our main concern. If we do anything that puts anyone in danger then we've failed to do our job correctly," Sergeant Hitchins said.

The public is reminded not to touch or move an unexploded ordnance (bombs or guns).

You are urged to call the police on 110 for safe removal.


Photo source GIO    Caption: Australian High Commissioner Dr Helen Cheney (far left) and Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Asterio Appi (far right) were debriefed on the munitions assessment done by ADF Army Corporal Beau Kahler (2nd) and Sergeant Brett Hitchins (3rd) before their departure from Nauru yesterday.