Taiwan reaffirms support for Nauru’s plans for Micronesian Games

Deputy Minister Chung Kwang Tien visited the designated sites for the Micronesian Games on 20 August to inspect progress and discuss the project of building a track and field stadium similar to the one in the Marshall Islands.

Deputy Minister for Sports Jesse Jeremiah said the government remains committed and wants to see the success of this historical event happen in Nauru.

He added hosting the Micronesian Games will welcome more opportunities and other benefits such as health improvement through increased physical activity engagement.

Pacific islands tap Taiwan ally Nauru for next top diplomat

The Pacific Islands Forum, meeting in Fiji, also said it would hold more talks with Japanese scientists and the International Atomic Energy Agency over Japan's plan to release treated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.

Some Pacific islands fear the water release could contaminate fish stocks but Tokyo has said it does not pose a risk, and the meeting agreed that "science and data" should guide political decisions on the issue.

Taiwan’s Ambassador presents credentials to Nauru President

Ambassador Lin holds a Bachelor of Political Science Degree from the National Taiwan University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from RMIT University in Australia.

A statement from the Government Information Office said he is a seasoned diplomat with a vast experience in Foreign affairs.

Prior to his arrival in Nauru, Ambassador Lin was posted as the Director General of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Surabaya, Indonesia. Ambassador Lin succeeds Dean Hai-Long Wang who served in the role for over three years.

China fires missiles near Taiwan after Pelosi visit

Taiwan said China launched 11 ballistic missiles into waters around Taiwan's north-east and south-west coasts.

Japan said five Chinese missiles landed in its waters as well, calling for an "immediate stop" to the exercises.

China saw the visit, by the US house speaker Mrs Pelosi, as a challenge to its claims of sovereignty over Taiwan.

It sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually be brought under its control - by force if necessary.

China gears up for military drills after Pelosi visit to Taiwan

Ms Pelosi left on Wednesday after a brief but controversial visit to Taiwan, which China regards as a breakaway province.

In response, China announced five days of "necessary and just" military drills, which will begin on Thursday.

Taiwan said 27 Chinese warplanes had already entered its air defence zone.

On Wednesday, Taiwan's defence ministry said it had scrambled jets to warn them off.

China has said the exercises will take place in some of the world's busiest waterways and will include "long-range live ammunition shooting".

China sends 30 warplanes into Taiwan air defence zone

The incident on Monday marked the biggest incursion since January.

It came days after US President Joe Biden warned China against invading Taiwan, and on the same day as a US official visited the island to discuss security with leaders.

China has ratcheted up the frequency of its air missions in recent months, claiming they are training drills.

Such moves have angered Taiwan and increased tensions in the region.

China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province, which it can take by force if necessary.

New patrol boats due to arrive in Nauru in May

Ambassador to Taiwan Jarden Kephas received the boats on behalf of the Government of Nauru and Nauru Police Force in Taiwan on March 7.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the police force will establish a Maritime Division under the Operations Unit and will recruit officers.

The relevant officers in the NPF and other departments will be trained to operate the patrol boats.

The boats have been named Eaimer and Tebaurua.

The patrol boats will play a major role in safeguarding Nauru’s sea especially for any illegal activities and search and rescue.


Taiwan conducts chicken and pig raising workshop in Nauru

The workshop was facilitated by the specialist officer, Pedro He of the Taiwan Technical Mission.

He taught participants about each stage of raising chickens and pigs.

“Like we could separate into suckling, weaning, growing, finishing stages in the fattening pigs. And there are three stages (brooding, growing, and laying stage) in the hens. Then, we should use different strategies to take care of them.”

Nauru President touts Taiwan's global record at UN General Assembly

In his address at the 76th session of the UNGA, Aingimea said Nauru has made significant progress in its COVID-19 vaccination effort and its overall response to the pandemic, thanks to the ongoing support of its “genuine friends Australia, India, Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan).”

He said Taiwan is an important global partner that is ready to share its experience in responding to the pandemic and should not be sidelined in international organisations like the World Health Assembly.

Nauru chartered flight for overseas medical referrals to Taiwan

Nauru Media News NTV passengers departing Nauru included 34 patients on medical referrals, 19 family escorts and health staffs in Dr. Bill and Nurse Jane Short.

Before departure, patients and escorts were briefly informed of COVID-related regulations in Taiwan.

According to the Taiwan Embassy, the chartered flight will bring back 37 passengers from Taiwan.

It is the second plane chartered to transport patients requiring OMR to Taiwan.


Photo Nauru Media News - NTV