Nauru’s Tobacco Control fines to be enforced next month

Nauru’s Tobacco Control (Fixed Penalty Notices) Regulations 2023 were officially gazetted on 26 September 2023.

A statement issued by the government confirmed that the fines will be enforced from 26 November 2023.

“A person who commits a fixed penalty offence is issued a fixed penalty notice under the Tobacco Control Act. The list of fixed penalty offences and penalties are consolidated and provided in Schedule 1 (pictured).”

“Payment of a fixed penalty notice is made to the Nauru Revenue Office and a copy of the official receipt provided to the Registrar of Courts; after which the Registrar shall not list the case before the court.”

“Failure to pay the penalty within 14 days of the notice being served, s/he will be summoned to attend court. Fines also apply thereafter.”