Taiwan reaffirms support for Nauru’s plans for Micronesian Games

Taiwan’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs reaffirms support and commitment to assist Nauru’s proposed plan to build facilities for hosting the Micronesian Games in 2026.

Deputy Minister Chung Kwang Tien visited the designated sites for the Micronesian Games on 20 August to inspect progress and discuss the project of building a track and field stadium similar to the one in the Marshall Islands.

Deputy Minister for Sports Jesse Jeremiah said the government remains committed and wants to see the success of this historical event happen in Nauru.

He added hosting the Micronesian Games will welcome more opportunities and other benefits such as health improvement through increased physical activity engagement.

“We remain optimistic and plan to meet the deadline. Our local stakeholders, Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation and Ronphos are doing their best in clearing and leveling the new land site to put the track and field stadium.”