RSIPF EOD put training to the test in Nauru

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Constable Armstrong Regoso and Staff Sergeant Ansa Puaraua recently travelled to Nauru with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on Operation Render Safe to conduct reconnaissance and survey reported explosive rem

This was the first chance for Constable Regoso and Staff Sergeant Puaraua to use their newly attained level three International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) accreditation.

In Nauru, Constable Regoso and Staff Sergeant Puaraua worked with ADF team leader Sergeant Brent McLean, who delivered their IMAS training in early 2023.

“Working alongside people I’ve trained is very rewarding and both officers have been effective in the team by all accounts,” Sergeant McLean said.

The two officers worked in a multinational contingent comprising personnel from Australia, New Zealand, United States, Republic of Korea and French Armed Forces in New Caledonia.

Constable Regoso played a key role in the search and said he enjoyed the opportunity to work as a member of the multinational contingent.

“I benefited a lot in terms of learning new skills, new knowledge and interacting with international forces,” Constable Regoso said.

“What I’ve learnt here in Nauru, I can apply this knowledge across the Pacific with our other EOD brothers and sisters.” 

The activity also gave the officers a chance to work with Nauruan Police Force officers who were successfully trained by the RSIPF EOD section in level one IMAS in 2022.

Operation Render Safe is the ADF-led enduring commitment to removing explosive remnants of war from Pacific nations involved in the Second World War.