Nauru's President Adeang sworn in, names his Cabinet

Member of Parliament for Ubenide David Adeang has taken his oath as the newly elected President of Nauru.

Chief Justice Mohammad Khan presided over the swearing in ceremony and witnessed the swearing in of the newly elected cabinet administration.

President Adeang is the longest serving member of parliament. He launched his political career in the 2001 General Elections and has remained a Member of Parliament until his election as President this week.

Adeang served as the Speaker of Parliament in 2004 and 2008 and held a number of cabinet portfolios including minister assisting the president as well as finance and justice.

President Adeang named his new members of cabinet after his swearing in. They include Lionel Aingimea for Minister for Justice, DFAT, NPF, Nauru Port, Nauru Shipping Line & Minister Assisting the President portfolios.

Jesse Jeremiah is the new Minister for Infrastructure, CIE, National Emergency Services, Sports and Sports Development INC portfolios.

Charmaine Scotty will be responsible for Health, Internal Affairs, WASDA, People living with Disability, Naoero Museum and Tourism.

Reagan Aliklik takes over Transport, Rehab, NUC and Fisheries portfolio's.

Asterio Appi is the Minister for Education, Climate Change & National Resilience, Naoero Postal Services and Land Management.

Shadlog Bernicke becomes Minister for Media, ICT, Ronphos, Cenpac and NPRT.

Two other members, Isabella Dageago and Maverick Eoe also took their oath of office as deputy Ministers to Cabinet.

The Adeang government is now the official administration for the present and future development of the people of Nauru.