Fuel tanker ship, Angel 38 berths in Nauru

The first fuel tanker ship, Angel 38, chartered by Vital successfully berthed in the new Nauru wharf on Monday, 11 September at 2pm.

A statement issued by the government said “The vessel carries diesel, petrol and Jet A1 fuels that are currently being discharged and will take about two days to complete.”

“New pipelines on the wharf provide a more efficient fuel discharge process.”

Nauru Maritime and Port Authority and Nauru Shipping Line Chief Executive Officer Frederick Pitcher said, this is a milestone achievement of the port redevelopment project, and is two years in the making.

“The new pipes run underground and join the existing fuel pipelines near the phosphate shore bin and are transported up to the fuel storage tanks. This reduces costs and allows for one-two day discharge operation instead of the two-four days it took in the past."

The fuel being discharged is expected to be complete by this evening.