Over 300 patients in Nauru treated by Taiwan’s visiting mobile medical team

A total of 322 patients received medical services and consultations from a mobile medical team of Taichung Veterans’ General Hospital.

Consisted of Specialists in ophthalmology and cardiology, the team stayed treated the patients during their stay from 19-30 June.

A statement said “A total of 29 surgeries were performed including eyelid tumour excisions, pterygium excisions and intravitreal injections, amongst others.”

Taiwan Ambassador Dean Lin thanked the Nauru government for its steadfast diplomatic support and continued cooperation between the two nations.

“We are family-like diplomatic allies, Nauru and Taiwan, we have each other. I thank Nauru for supporting Taiwan in the international fora and we will do what we can in our domestic affairs in Nauru and the medical cooperation is part of that.”

Despite the mobile medical team departing Nauru tomorrow, it is expected that an additional mobile medical team will arrive later this year.