Australian Defence Force conducts reconnaissance work in Nauru

Operation Render Safe, led by the Australian Defence Force have been conducting reconnaissance work of the UXO site in Aiwo, Nauru, this week.

A statement issued by the government said “This involves taking picture, drawings and measurements to determine what the munitions is and advise planning and disposal.”

“The UXO has been identified as a U.S World War II 500lb bomb.”

“It is safely contained and not posing an immediate risk to public safety but ADF Warrant Officer Class 2 Brett Hitchins says there’s a lot of precaution surrounding the UXO because of the dangers of it.”

Warrant Officer Hitchins said “We take all the safety precautions we can just to ensure the local populace isn’t harmed should something go wrong with this munition.”

“Without safety precautions there’s risk to serious injury or death to people within the area.”

The statement also said “In regards to the UXO self-detonating, Hitchins believes it could should there be an external influence on the UXO.”

The public is advised to contact the Nauru Police Force if a UXO of any size is found in the future.