Taiwan conducts chicken and pig raising workshop in Nauru

At least 10 officers from Nauru Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment participated in a workshop on raising chickens and pigs.

The workshop was facilitated by the specialist officer, Pedro He of the Taiwan Technical Mission.

He taught participants about each stage of raising chickens and pigs.

“Like we could separate into suckling, weaning, growing, finishing stages in the fattening pigs. And there are three stages (brooding, growing, and laying stage) in the hens. Then, we should use different strategies to take care of them.”

“Moreover, he also uses the films to point out the anatomy of the fetus in the sow uterus. Finally, DCIE officers take this opportunity to exchange more information about chicken and pig raising and management. We believe that all participants learned a lot during the workshop and will apply what they learned in the future,” TTM said in a statement.

The Mission will hold more practical courses on piglet cord-cutting, teeth clipping, and castration and improve chicken and pig-raising techniques with every officer responsible.