Second dose

Covid vaccination for children continue in Nauru

The Government Information Office said the total number of children that have received their first dose is 1,779.

Children who have taken their first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine on the 27th -28th June are now eligible to take the second dose.

Authorities are advising parents and guardians to get their child tested and vaccinated at the Aiue Boulevard in Aiwo.

502 people yet to receive their second dose

The vaccination team is doing its job diligently to reach the targeted number and achieve 100 percent coverage but people are slowly coming in to get vaccinated while others visited at home by the mobile team say they have already taken their second shot.

Nauru President urges over 500 people to take second COVID-19 vaccine shot

In a statement issued last night, President Aingimea said at the end of the second week of the second dose campaign (Friday 18 June), 574 people still had not taken their second shot.


So far only 1,814 people have taken the second shot, however, there should have been 2,388 people fully vaccinated by the end of last week.


He is urging those individuals to present to any one of the vaccination centres as soon as possible.


“Vaccination is very important to protect you and Nauru.”


Nauru COVID-19 Taskforce and Health roll out second dose jabs

President Lionel Aingimea and Madam Aingimea were among the first to receive the second dose shot today.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports those who received their first injection of the COVID vaccine from April 9 to 12 will be the first to get the second dose shot.

According to COVID vaccine Coordinator Celestine Eoaeo the first group to receive their second dose jabs is over 1000.

A vaccination booth is conveniently set up at the Government Office and Public Health Centre for the second dose shots of the AstraZeneca Vaccine.