Nauru tourism

Nauru Tourism’s first ever Expo rated a success

The exhibition got underway on Saturday 17th June at the Sport Complex in Yaren District.

A statement said “Among the many stalls being set up were entrepreneurs in Nauru Airlines, Capelle and Partner and Digicel who were also invited to take part in the expo and to display their major projects and products.”

Acting Director of Nauru Tourism Ms. Gem Dowiyogo said that the cultural dance groups were also invited to be part of the expo because in this way tourists will see and learn who they will need to contact for entertainment hiring in the near future.

Nauru Tourism hosts tour-guide training

The tourism organisation confirmed the training was done because they were unable to cater all the requests of their visitors in providing them with a tour guide around the country because of the limited number of local tour guides.

“The idea is to create a network of local tour guides who will undergo training for 3 weeks held every Saturday and Sunday morning once they have registered to become tour guides.”

Nauru Tourism conducts fourth round of clean-up campaign

The team was also joined by some members of the public.

The clean-up started from Menen Junction Road to Menen Infant School.

“To keep our island, clean for the upcoming events to be held in Nauru, tourism has organized a clean-up campaign.”

“The clean-up campaign will be of great benefit to our country, the communities and its surrounding environment. The clean-up campaign is on a fortnightly basis and is held every weekend on Ronphos pay week,” a statement said