Clean up campaign

Nauru Tourism conducts fourth round of clean-up campaign

The team was also joined by some members of the public.

The clean-up started from Menen Junction Road to Menen Infant School.

“To keep our island, clean for the upcoming events to be held in Nauru, tourism has organized a clean-up campaign.”

“The clean-up campaign will be of great benefit to our country, the communities and its surrounding environment. The clean-up campaign is on a fortnightly basis and is held every weekend on Ronphos pay week,” a statement said

Miss Nauru Chanique Deiye leads clean-up campaign

Deiye is inviting the general public to participate in keeping Nauru; clean, beautiful, environmentally safe and visitor friendly.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the campaign will be held at the Anibare community boat harbour from 10am to 2pm and will encompass the popular public spot for recreation right up to the multi-purpose court.

Miss Nauru; the face of Nauru Tourism and the youth is calling on the general public especially divers to join in the clean-up campaign to beautify the Anibare community boat harbor land and sea areas.

Greening of the Games clean-up yields 18,600kg rubbish

About 1,000 volunteers spent five hours around town and at rivers collecting all types of rubbish that was later sorted and collated.

The collected rubbish came from Vaisigano, Loimata o Apaula, Gasegase and Fuluasou, as well as Apia town centre.

Items sorted included: