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Nauru's President Aingimea unaware of sacking of USP VC, sends wrong message

President Aingimea, who is Chancellor of the USP and Chair of the USP Council, was made aware of the details of the situation by council members who advised that the visa permit of the VC was cancelled by the Fiji Government subsequently leading to his contract being terminated immediately.

Fiji‟s Minister for Immigration declared Prof. Ahluwalia and his spouse „Prohibited Immigrants‟ under Fiji‟s Immigration Act with immediate effect and ordered to leave Fiji immediately.

USP special council meeting resolves to terminate proceedings against VCP

The meeting was held today (Friday).

The motion reads: “The Council resolved that based on the detailed and painstaking work undertaken by the Special Executive Committee, that found as at 24 August 2020 there being no allegations where the consensus or clear majority view were deemed material, that the proceedings initiated against the vice-chancellor and president is terminated.”  

Today’s meeting is a continuation of the special council meeting held on Friday, 3 July, convened to address allegations made against Professor Ahluwalia.

Nauru President Aingimea continues as USP council chair, BDO report released to members

This follows legal advice that it “would not be in breach of the Charter and the Statutes for His Excellency the President of Nauru to continue in his capacity as a member of the Council and to chair the continuation of the meeting on Friday (3 July).”

The second council meeting on Friday resolved that the report from international accounting and auditing firm BDO be released to council members only and endorsed the proposal by Tuvalu in regards to the ordinance to govern the discipline of the Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Pal Ahluwalia.

Nauru's new president contradicts blacklist claim

In his first interview with international media since his election in August, Mr Aingimea appeared to stamp out hope for a substantive change in position from former president Baron Waqa, who lost his seat after six years in power.

"This government and previous governments have never interfered with the judiciary," Mr Aingimea told RNZ Pacific in a wide-ranging interview on Thursday in which he defended Mr Waqa's controversial legacy.

President Aingimea wants unity for Nauru

Mr Aingimea won the vote for presidency 12 votes to six against former finance minister David Adeang.

President Aingimea acknowledged the tough work ahead, and as the “father of the nation” likened the 12,000 population of Nauru as being children that need protecting and guiding.

“My vision for Nauru is for us to work together, all members of parliament, because everybody has a contribution, everyone. Everyone has ideas, everyone needs those ideas to be voiced and when they need to be tempered, to be tempered.

Lionel Aingimea is new President of Nauru

Mr Aingimea, a second term MP, defeated David Adeang by 12 votes to 6.

He succeeds Baron Waqa, who lost his seat in Saturday's general election.

Former president Marcus Stephen, is the new Speaker of Parliament.

He won by 12 votes to 7 over Shadlog Bernicke when the new Parliament voted today.

Mr Aingimea is a former secretary of justice and served as an assistant minister in various portfolios in the previous government.

Nauru govt makes payout on eve of election

The promise to provide $US678,506 comes on the eve of the country's election.

Nauruans select a new parliament from 60 candidates standing for 19 seats on Saturday.

President Baron Waqa said the continued growth of the economy allowed the government to provide payments of up to US$6700 dollars for 734 Nauruans.

But most payouts will be between US$542 and US$1696.

The government said it had been prioritising those left in the most vulnerable situations by the collapse 13 years ago - people like widows, the disabled and seniors.


Nauru president in Taiwan for 5-day visit

Waqa will attend a state banquet hosted by President Tsai Ing-wen and travel to Taichung to tour the city’s Flora Expo, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). He will also visit Kaohsiung to observe the city’s port and harbor construction.

Waqa last visited Taiwan on a transit stop in May 2018 after attending a meeting of Pacific Island leaders in Japan.

Nauru President dumps minister

Shadlog Bernicke was the Minister in charge of the Nauru Royalties Trust, the Minister of Telecommunications and the Minister of Communications and Technology.

There has been no indication of why Mr Bernicke has been dumped, but a government official said it was with immediate effect.

President Baron Waqa has temporarily assumed the portfolios.


Nauru President: Abkhazia is our friend

Baron Waqa held a meeting with the de facto President of Abkhazia, Raul Khajimba, and expressed a wish to intensify relations among the two ‘states.’

“I want to see your country as our best friend in this part of the world! I want to assure you that the people of Nauru know Abkhazia well, and consider Nauru as our friend. I am confident that we will have the opportunity to learn from you a lot. We want our relations to remain intense and forever lasting,” Waqa told Khajimba.