Lionel Aingimea

USP special council meeting resolves to terminate proceedings against VCP

The meeting was held today (Friday).

The motion reads: “The Council resolved that based on the detailed and painstaking work undertaken by the Special Executive Committee, that found as at 24 August 2020 there being no allegations where the consensus or clear majority view were deemed material, that the proceedings initiated against the vice-chancellor and president is terminated.”  

Today’s meeting is a continuation of the special council meeting held on Friday, 3 July, convened to address allegations made against Professor Ahluwalia.

Nauru President Aingimea continues as USP council chair, BDO report released to members

This follows legal advice that it “would not be in breach of the Charter and the Statutes for His Excellency the President of Nauru to continue in his capacity as a member of the Council and to chair the continuation of the meeting on Friday (3 July).”

The second council meeting on Friday resolved that the report from international accounting and auditing firm BDO be released to council members only and endorsed the proposal by Tuvalu in regards to the ordinance to govern the discipline of the Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Pal Ahluwalia.

USP Council reinstates Vice Chancellor Prof Pal Ahluwalia

 A statement said the Council was not persuaded that due process was followed by the Executive committee in the suspension of Professor Ahluwalia.

The Council has also directed that the process as prescribed in An Ordinance to Govern the Discipline of the Vice-Chancellor be followed in investigating any allegations against the Vice-Chancellor & President.

Fiji’s Minister for Education Rosy Akbar said the government will support whatever decision is made by the University of the South Pacific council following its special meeting today.

President Aingimea wants unity for Nauru

Mr Aingimea won the vote for presidency 12 votes to six against former finance minister David Adeang.

President Aingimea acknowledged the tough work ahead, and as the “father of the nation” likened the 12,000 population of Nauru as being children that need protecting and guiding.

“My vision for Nauru is for us to work together, all members of parliament, because everybody has a contribution, everyone. Everyone has ideas, everyone needs those ideas to be voiced and when they need to be tempered, to be tempered.

Lionel Aingimea is new President of Nauru

Mr Aingimea, a second term MP, defeated David Adeang by 12 votes to 6.

He succeeds Baron Waqa, who lost his seat in Saturday's general election.

Former president Marcus Stephen, is the new Speaker of Parliament.

He won by 12 votes to 7 over Shadlog Bernicke when the new Parliament voted today.

Mr Aingimea is a former secretary of justice and served as an assistant minister in various portfolios in the previous government.