new parliament

Lionel Aingimea is new President of Nauru

Mr Aingimea, a second term MP, defeated David Adeang by 12 votes to 6.

He succeeds Baron Waqa, who lost his seat in Saturday's general election.

Former president Marcus Stephen, is the new Speaker of Parliament.

He won by 12 votes to 7 over Shadlog Bernicke when the new Parliament voted today.

Mr Aingimea is a former secretary of justice and served as an assistant minister in various portfolios in the previous government.

Returning Nauru Govt promises more stability

RNZI reports the parliament has met today for its first time following the general election on Saturday.

Cyril Buraman, one of the members for Anetan/Ewa, has been voted in as the new Speaker.

In the Aiwo constituency, where voting was put off until Monday after a legal dispute, Milton Dube and Aaron Cook have taken the two seats.