President Aingimea wants unity for Nauru

In his first interview as President of Nauru, Lionel Aingimea says he is humbled adding that his vision for Nauru is to work together for the betterment of the country.

Mr Aingimea won the vote for presidency 12 votes to six against former finance minister David Adeang.

President Aingimea acknowledged the tough work ahead, and as the “father of the nation” likened the 12,000 population of Nauru as being children that need protecting and guiding.

“My vision for Nauru is for us to work together, all members of parliament, because everybody has a contribution, everyone. Everyone has ideas, everyone needs those ideas to be voiced and when they need to be tempered, to be tempered.

“That’s my vision that we work together as a unit, for the prosperity and the betterment of Nauru.”

The President said his first duty in office is to address administrative areas such as the appointment of ministers and assistant ministers.

“You will see there is a new way in how we deal with assistant ministers.

“Secondly, every one of those ministers and assistant ministers will start meeting with their HODs (heads of department). They need to be briefed by their HODs, they need to come up with a plan, and what’s happening.

“And after discussion, they come back to cabinet and they give their vision to cabinet of where they want to go,” President Aingimea said.

The president acknowledged that cabinet ministers understand there are “tough shoes to fill”, but said they are willing.

“And I firmly believe we are capable of it.”

President Aingimea will announce his cabinet at the oath ceremony in front of the government office Wednesday morning, Wednesday 28 August.



Photo Nauru Government Twitter. Caption: Newly-elected President of Nauru, Lionel Aingimea