COVID-19 free

Nauru border Covid cases get all clear

The three cases from the 31 March flight from Brisbane who had been isolating at the hospital’s negative pressure Acute Covid Unit, were cleared yesterday for release back into the community.

A statement said it has been more than the minimum required 10 days since the three cases were infected with Covid and all have remained well and free of symptoms whilst under medical observation.

They also returned negative PCR test results yesterday confirming they are no longer infected and confirming earlier test results showing that they are not contagious.

"Capture & Contain" strategy continues to keep Nauru Covid-19 free

The case was identified at the border.

The landing craft “Krishnan’ was in quarantine at sea for two weeks and there has been no unprotected contact with anyone on Nauru.

President Lionel Aingimea said it appears likely that this is a historical case who was most probably infected a few weeks ago when two members of that vessel's crew tested positive whilst in Fiji.

Papa Mau crew complied with rules, Nauru remains COVID-19 free

However, further investigation by the Nauru COVID-19 Taskforce confirmed the reports were false and that the Papa Mau crew in fact complied with all COVID rules stipulated by Solomon Islands authorities. They did not break any rules.

However, upon arrival into Nauru waters, the crew were tested and 13 out of 14 tested positive for COVID-19, and all necessary measures were taken to protect Nauru.

Solomons' leader says country back to being Covid-19 free

The Solomon Star reported 16 of the 20 former positive cases, who had been in isolation, had completed their follow-ups and been released.

Mr Sogavare told the paper the four others remained in isolation pending their follow-up tests and said all cases would be tested again 90 days after their first release into the community.

Sogavare also said the crew member diagnosed with Covid-19 on a gas supply vessel remains isolated on the ship and is not recorded in the Solomons' figures.

Nauru's first batch of Covid vaccines expected in coming weeks

He made the comment in an update on coronavirus Wednesday.

President Aingimea said Nauru remains Covid-free one year since the government declared a State of Disaster for the management and minimisation of the impact of coronavirus.

However, 11 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) have recorded coronavirus cases.

They are the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia, PNG, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Wallis and Futuna.

Nauru President warns against relaxing COVID-19 preventative measures

In his address this week, the president underscored that this second wave of COVID-19 is worse than the first with increasing global concerns of third and fourth waves.

Closer to home in Australia, the state of Victoria has declared a state of disaster on Sunday.

Australia-wide there are 17,895 cases and 208 deaths.

In Fiji, there have been 27 cases, 19 have recovered and one death recorded relating to COVID-19.

Papua New Guinea now has 62 coronavirus cases, 46 of them are new cases from this past week.

30 people under quarantine, Nauru remains COVID-19 free

In his address Friday, President Aingimea reiterated that the individual named Jaxon Olsson, who participated in a drill last week, does not have coronavirus.

Olsson volunteered to assist the Coronavirus Taskforce and the Nauru Police Force in the drill as the main actor.

The drill took place in Ijuw on Thursday, 14 May.

The President thanked Olsson for his role in assisting with the drill.

There are 30 people under quarantine at the Meneñ hotel, including five airline crew and 23 at Canstruct's Anibare Village.

No coronavirus in Nauru

Past incidents of security breaches at the Budapest have not reoccurred with the current group in quarantine at the Meneñ Hotel, who have another week in managed quarantine.

Globally, the aviation sector is collapsing and is also having a major impact on Nauru Airlines with measures taking on coronavirus. Border restrictions and closures, and halting of international travel are affecting the airline.

While a Nauru Airlines freighter is still operating to ensure Nauru is amply supplied, four passenger planes have been parked due to the reduced flight activity.

Nauru remains coronavirus-free

Over the last two weeks, a total of four quarantined residents registered fevers and were subsequently moved from the transit stations after arriving on Nauru for further observation as their samples were sent away for testing in Australia. All results have returned negative.

Two COVID-19 testing machines are now on island; testing kits are due any day, and online virtual training will prepare health staff in their operation, delivering test results within days, not weeks.