Nauru remains coronavirus-free

Due to the decisive and proactive actions of the Aingimea Government, its ‘capture & contain’ strategy continues to succeed in its goal to keep Nauru COVID-19 free.

Over the last two weeks, a total of four quarantined residents registered fevers and were subsequently moved from the transit stations after arriving on Nauru for further observation as their samples were sent away for testing in Australia. All results have returned negative.

Two COVID-19 testing machines are now on island; testing kits are due any day, and online virtual training will prepare health staff in their operation, delivering test results within days, not weeks.

The Australian Government is now actively conducting temperature checks at Australian airports for all departing passengers which President Lionel Aingimea says is another line of defence for Nauru.

Community Liaison Officers (CLO), whom the President appointed as authorised officers on 20 March under the National Disaster Risk Management Act 2016, received training early April by the Department of Justice on COVID-19 regulations, rules for the designated residences (Budapest and MeneñHotel) and what the powers are of authorised officers.

CLOs are part of the Nauru Police Force and therefore have powers to carry out duties and responsibilities to protect the residents in quarantine and the public. Their role is vital in keeping the community safe.

Repatriation efforts successful

This week, the Government successfully brokered an agreement with the Fiji Government to repatriate Nauruans from Fiji, beginning with those residing in the Western division of Nadi, Lautoka and Sigatoka as Suva residents wait out the city’s two week lockdown.

The President said there was support from a number of people including the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor, enabling Nauru Airlines to do the flight.

Nauru also responded to a request from neighbouring governments to also repatriate their weightlifters from Noumea as well as consider uplifting Marshall Islands students from Fiji.