Fiji urges Micronesia to rethink plans to leave forum

The leaders said they saw minimal, if any impact, by departing the region's primary body.

Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama says Micronesia must stand in solidarity with their Pacific counterparts.

The standoff stemmed from Micronesia's frustration at its candidate no getting the sceretary-general's position at the Forum Secretariat following what it called a 'gentlemen's agreement' the subregion would get the top job at PIFS.

Former Cook Islands prime minister Henry Puna was elected to replace Papua New Guinea's Dame Meg Taylor last month.

Micronesian leaders united in decision to withdraw from Forum

Palau has already commenced with the process.  

A statement released today said the five Presidents of Micronesia will honour the Mekreos Communique and withdraw from the Forum as stated in a joint communique released also released today.

The leaders of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Kiribati and the Republic of the Marshall Islands met virtually yesterday (Monday).

According to the statement, Nauru President Lionel Aingimea “believes the Forum has lost its original intent to be a regional body and what the Forum was originally set up to do.”

Pacific is united despite Micronesia’s disappointment: Aingimea

“To say we’re [Micronesian countries] disappointed is an understatement,” President Aingimea told leaders.

The disappointment is with the total disregard of Micronesia’s request to honour the Gentleman’s Agreement that the position of secretary general be rotated among the three subregions of Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia. Micronesia has only ever held the SG post once, whereas Melanesia and Polynesia have each held the position three times.

Palau says it would be a 'joke' to remain in Forum if leadership ultimatum isn't met

Tommy Remengesau Jr is one of five Micronesian presidents to have issued a joint ultimatum that their nominee be given the role otherwise they will withdraw from the regional group.

They are adamant there was a so-called "gentlemen's agreement" that it was Micronesia's turn to have a representative at the top of the organisation.

Mr Remengesau told the Island Times there would be no longer any value in being a part of the Forum if their wishes were not heard.

Micronesian startup's banana wallets gain attention

The company, Green Banana Paper, is based on the small island of Kosrae, which has a population of just over 6000.

Founder Matt Simpson said his goal was to create an environmentally-friendly company that also created jobs for the local community and farmers.

Mr Simpson said the company recycles banana trunks that farmers cut down after harvesting.

"So, I figured that I could help farmers earn some extra income and create something sustainable from a organic waste resource that is rapidly renewable."

Nauru Airlines considering adding another freighter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Geoff Bowmaker, told the Courrier Mail in an interview: “We carry a lot of cargo. Nauru produces nothing so everything has to be imported”.

The South Pacific island's troubled economy, with an unemployment rate of 90%, has a negative trade balance of USD80.5 million in net imports. Prefabricated building parts constitute the bulk of its import basket followed by cars, processed foodstuffs, and consumer electronics.

Australian couple raffles tropical island resort in Micronesia

Plus, I’m kind of a sore loser. So I get a little worked up when the gambling gods don’t roll things out in my favor.