Australian couple raffles tropical island resort in Micronesia

I’m a gambling man. Throw the chance of winning or losing something grand onto the shoulders of the universe and I’m all in – not so much for the blind hope of winning big as I just love the rush that comes with anticipation.

Plus, I’m kind of a sore loser. So I get a little worked up when the gambling gods don’t roll things out in my favor.

Now if you want to talk about blind luck and the universe throwing somebody a bone, Doug and Sally Beitz are about to make one lucky soul, well, really lucky. They’re raffling off a part of their own fortune, otherwise known as the Kosrae Nautilus Resort in Micronesia. I think this is the best kind of raffle. It’s better than the state lotto, which I don’t play (I said I like to gamble. I didn’t say I’m clueless). The logic here for most people is that “buy a tropical island” is somewhere near the top of the to do list when they hit the big jackpot on a billion dollar lottery. The Beitzes are cutting out the middle man and just giving you the island.

Kosrae is a remote volcanic island in the Western Pacific about 400 miles north of the equator, and the resort itself has been around for a little over 20 years. “Rather than sell this precious oasis to the highest bidder, we thought it would be amazing for our resort to be placed in the hands of someone who truly fell in love with it – to make someone’s dream come true,” says owner and manager Doug. “We’ve felt so privileged to act as stewards of this tropical paradise for 15 years, and since we like to do things differently – we once raised over $45,000 through crowdfunding to have solar panels installed in the resort – we realised a raffle would be an exciting and world-first way to pass on the resort’s ownership.”

So for just $49 here’s what you might win…if the gambling gods decide they like you of course: a debt free and profitable business, 16-long term employees, $10,000 in the business bank account, eight different motor vehicles, 2 boats, and of course a remote tropical island with what looks like some damn good waves. So have fun diving, lounging, swimming and surfing your life away. I’ve been coaxed into handing over 49 scones for way less.