Solomons govt to conduct test lockdown of national capital

In a statement on Friday the government said the lockdown was necessary given the surge of the deadly COVID-19 delta variant globally.

It said this was especially important as the country prepares for a limited re-opening of incoming flights which have been suspended for weeks because of worsening delta outbreaks in neighbouring countries.

It said Cabinet has approved the trial of the revised Lock-down plan for the Honiara Emergency Zone through a 36-hour lockdown from 6pm on Sunday 29th August to 6am Tuesday 31 August 2021.

Israel's Netanyahu poised to lose power to new government

The prospective government - an unprecedented coalition of parties - has a razor-thin majority of one seat.

It would also end more than two years of political paralysis in which three elections resulted in stalemate.

Right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett is poised to become PM in a power-sharing deal with a centrist leader.

Under the coalition agreement, Mr Bennett, who heads the Yamina party, will hold office until September 2023, when he will hand over to Yair Lapid, leader of Yesh Atid, for a further two years.

Digicel pays out $607,681 dividend

Christopher Manaog, Digicel Nauru CEO said; “We are delighted to give back to our shareholders as the funds benefits our Nauruan people. We are celebrating our 11th anniversary in Nauru and would like to thank all our customers for supporting Digicel, it is your support that translates into sound financial returns to the community. Given the current Covid-19 situation around, I am confident these funds will greatly assist our government’s efforts to stop and contain the possibility of Covid-19 into Nauru. 

Digicel pays AUD$504,939 Dividend to Shareholders

Since 2009, Digicel has paid over US$12.5 million to the Government of Nauru in dividends and taxes.  Digicel continues to be the most prolific financial supporter and sponsor of sports, education, health and cultural initiatives in the country.

Fiji opposition says govt evading being served with legal papers

SODELPA and the National Federation Party had 24 hours to serve all FijiFirst MPs with the legal papers as part of their action disputing last month's election results.

SODELPA MP Lynda Tabuya said bailiffs had been trying to serve the papers on the MPs at the office of the Attorney General but had not been allowed in.

She said some of the MPs had spent the night in the offices and food had been supplied throughout the day.

Nauru Government rejects claims of mistreatment of 19 defendants

The accusations were made by former justice minister Mathew Batsiua about actions by the Nauru Health Department.

There were claims that the Minister for Health ordered the Director of Health to deny access to Nauru’s de-compression chamber for injured diver Rutherford Jeremiah are untrue.

The government said Mr Batsiua’s comments bring into question where the information was sourced from, as there was no directive of this kind from the Minister. Whatever the source, it was unreliable.

Nauru govt mum over hefty payment to Australian lawyers

Justice Geof Muecke ruled last week that the group called the Nauru 19, which has been facing charges over a parliamentary protest for 3 years, is entitled to legal aid from the state.

Up to now the group has been relying on its Australian lawyers to work for free but it sought a court ruling when that situation became untenable.

The government is required to make a payment today of US$166,606 into the trust account of Sydney solicitor Christian Hearn.

Solomons opposition accuses govt of bribery

The government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is facing a vote of no confidence in parliament next week, after a series of defections from the government.

Mr Sogavare on Thursday announced moves to consolidate his coalition government, announcing eight new ministers.

But in a statement, the opposition group said that consolidation had included attempts at bribery.

It accuses the forestry minister Bradley Tovosia of trying to bribe MP Alfred Ghiro with cash and the fisheries portfolio, which he rejected.


Fresh push in New Caledonia to end political stalemate

Sonia Backes of the Caledonian Republicans suggested that the rival anti-independence groups in Congress choose another presidential candidate than Philippe Germain, given his repeated rejection.

Mr Germain has failed twice in two months to secure a majority among the 11 ministers making up the government when they met to elect a president.

Ms Backes said a more conciliatory person needs to be presented as a candidate, suggesting another minister Bernard Deladriere.

She said furthermore there have to be changes to the government's economic policies.

Nauru sets up a new trust fund

According to RNZI, in a statement, the government said that by the middle of the year it expects to have US$24 million based on an Asian Development Bank grant, and annual contributions by Australia and Taiwan.

The Intergenerational Trust Fund will be chaired by the finance minister, David Adeang.