Anote Tong

Call for Australia to be cut from Pacific Forum over coal

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Mr Tong saying if a country causes harm to others, such as by fuelling climate change, "there should be sanctions".

Mr Tong, who has long been an advocate for low-lying nations facing catastrophe as sea levels rise, said the Australian government's recent approval of Adani's Carmichael coal mine was an example of "ignoring the science that's coming forward".

Australian minister apologises for Pacific ‘lapping waves’ quip

Dutton had made the comments as he chatted to Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday ahead of an event which appeared to be running late, quipping as a microphone hovered overhead that “time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to be, you know, have water lapping at your door”.

Abbott had just returned from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) meeting between regional leaders in Papua New Guinea, where combating climate change was a key issue.

“I should have realised the mike was there and didn’t,” Dutton told Sky News.

Kiribati President Tong warns of split in Forum over climate change

Anote Tong, president of Kiribati, a member of the 16-member Pacific Islands Forum, told journalists who are in Port Moresby to cover the Forum Leaders summit that changes in Forum membership may be the way out of getting a uniform position on climate change.

Either Australia leave the Forum, or countries like his and perhaps that of the six other members of the Forum's smaller island states (SIS) exit the Forum membership.

Kiribati President Tong is co-laureate of inaugural Sunhak Peace Prize

President Tong, 63, was awarded the inaugural Sunhak Peace Prize along with Indian fisheries scientist Modagadu V Gupta. Gupta is noted for his research, which resulted in significant increase in fish production and laid the foundation for the Blue Revolution, a possible solution said to address a potential food crisis.

The event was attended by over 1000 delegates from the around the world, as well as Pacific dignitaries including a delegation from Fiji led by the first lady, Adi Koila Nailatikau.