Kiribati President

Kiribati President has vision for 'quantum leap' development

In a speech marking the first year of his government, President Taneti Maamau said fisheries and tourism were priorities for a quantum leap in development.

He said he wanted Kiribati to be a world class eco-friendly traveller destination.

The President also planned to invest in human, natural and cultural capital and infrastructure development.

He said some people may think his plans were ambitious.

But he believed they were achievable if resources and energy were invested towards these targets.


Taneti Maamau declared new president of Kiribati

In a nationwide live declaration, Sir Muria confirmed this after the counting of votes from yesterday's Presidential election, declaring Mr Maamau the president after he won a majority of votes at nearly 20,000.

An Air Kiribati special flight is heading to Onotoa Island to pick up President elect Taneti Maamau and bring him to the capital to receive the Presidential seal.

Kiribati President Tong is co-laureate of inaugural Sunhak Peace Prize

President Tong, 63, was awarded the inaugural Sunhak Peace Prize along with Indian fisheries scientist Modagadu V Gupta. Gupta is noted for his research, which resulted in significant increase in fish production and laid the foundation for the Blue Revolution, a possible solution said to address a potential food crisis.

The event was attended by over 1000 delegates from the around the world, as well as Pacific dignitaries including a delegation from Fiji led by the first lady, Adi Koila Nailatikau.