Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott hacked after posting boarding pass on Instagram

Hacker Alex Hope said he uncovered Mr Abbott's details from his Qantas boarding pass in just 45 minutes.

He then spent months attempting to contact Mr Abbott to alert him of the security breach.

Qantas said it had now updated its cyber security protocols.

Mr Abbott posted an image of a boarding pass for his flight from Sydney to Tokyo on 21 March on his Instagram account, thanking the crew.

Former Australia PM Tony Abbott defends Trump's 'reasonable' policies

Speaking to Australia's Sky News in an interview on Thursday, Abbott also dismissed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's comments that half of Trump supporters were "deplorables."

"The vast majority of Trump supporters are not deplorables, they really aren't. They're decent people who want to see change inside their country and that's fair enough," he said.

But when asked about controversial comments made by Trump in a leaked video from 2005, Abbott said they were "gross".

Former foes Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott 'catch up' for coffee in Facebook video

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson and former prime minister Tony Abbott have not had the best of relationships over the years.

Senator Hanson has held Mr Abbott responsible for her three-year jail sentence for electoral fraud, of which she served 11 weeks before the conviction was quashed.

She argued he was involved in bankrolling the court cases which led to her brief imprisonment in 2003.

"Pauline, it's good to catch up with you again after all these years," Mr Abbott said in the video of their meeting posted to Senator Hanson's Facebook page.

Australian minister apologises for Pacific ‘lapping waves’ quip

Dutton had made the comments as he chatted to Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday ahead of an event which appeared to be running late, quipping as a microphone hovered overhead that “time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to be, you know, have water lapping at your door”.

Abbott had just returned from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) meeting between regional leaders in Papua New Guinea, where combating climate change was a key issue.

“I should have realised the mike was there and didn’t,” Dutton told Sky News.

Tony Abbott rules out same-sex marriage vote on election day

After a special Coalition party-room meeting on Tuesday rejected proposals to give members a free vote on the issue, the prime minister pledged to take it to the people, through a plebiscite or referendum.

On Sunday, he ruled out holding a public poll at the same time as the federal election.