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Puna hopes to heal rift at Pacific Forum

Among the four other candidates was Marshall Islands diplomat, Gerald Zackios, and his failure to get the top job prompted the five Micronesia members of the Forum to announce they would leave the organisation.

The Micronesian leaders believed they had a gentlemen's agreement that it was Micronesia's turn to hold the role.

In recent weeks efforts have been made to heal the rift and Mr Puna, who started in the job last week, says the political dialogue that is underway is symbolic of the Pacific way of talanoa.

Palau congress backs withdrawal from Pacific Forum

The congress met ahead of today's virtual meeting of the leaders of Micronesian countries to discuss their future involvement of the sub-region in the Forum.

President Whipps Jr's decision stemmed from the appointment of Cook Islands former prime minister Henry Puna as secretary general of the Forum last week.

Palau and other Micronesian countries argued the post should have gone to their candidate, Marshall Islands' diplomat Gerald Zackios.

Call for Australia to be cut from Pacific Forum over coal

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Mr Tong saying if a country causes harm to others, such as by fuelling climate change, "there should be sanctions".

Mr Tong, who has long been an advocate for low-lying nations facing catastrophe as sea levels rise, said the Australian government's recent approval of Adani's Carmichael coal mine was an example of "ignoring the science that's coming forward".

Pacific Forum strengthening links with China

The secretary general, Dame Meg Taylor, is leading a delegation to Beijing, Guangzhou and Hainan Province, with a focus on partnerships for sustainable development.

She said China was a valued partner of the Pacific region and the Forum was looking forward to a deeper and more dynamic relationship.

Dame Meg said increasingly China was taking a leadership role in addressing climate change.

She said the agency hoped it continues this role as the world implements the bold initiatives of the Paris Agreement.


Photo: AFP Dame Meg Taylor 

Pacific Forum Leaders Confirm France's Support in the lead up to COP 21

Forum Leaders also welcomed France’s commitment to support Pacific Island Countries in the pursuit of a legally binding and ambitious international climate change agreement at 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21).

"We expect COP 21 to lead to a universal, legally binding, dynamic, durable and ambitious agreement that will establish rules and mechanisms to limit global warming consistent with the ultimate objective of the Convention." reads the Declaration.