refugee deal

Sonny Bill Williams hopes Scott Morrison signs refugee deal

Eight years ago, New Zealand offered to resettle 150 refugees a year from Australia's offshore detention system.

Williams is urging Morrison to finally accept the offer.

"I think 250 people or close to, have been left in Papua New Guinea and in Nauru that can be brought to have a better life.

"They've been stuck for the last eight years. We can't even do it for two weeks in quarantine, imagine doing it for eight years."

He told Morning Report that New Zealand needed to understand the meaning of refugees.

US will honour refugee deal: Nauru President

Waqa and his wife Louisa are in Australia for a four-day official visit to Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
In an exclusive interview with Sky News, he said if the deal wasn't going to go ahead the 'United States would have pulled the plug' by now.
“I think if the United States was serious about it they would have pulled the plug a long time ago,” he said.
“But we know level minded and sensibleness will prevail
It's the relationship between the United States and Australia that has to be maintained there.,” he said.