Baron Waqa

Nauru President highlights safe climate, healthy ocean at UN General Assembly

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly today, President Waqa called on “friends and development partners to step up their assistance programmes.”

“Nauru's climate priorities fall into four categories: renewable energy, land rehabilitation, water security, and infrastructure proofing, and we are looking to build genuine and durable partnerships to achieve our objectives.”

US will honour refugee deal: Nauru President

Waqa and his wife Louisa are in Australia for a four-day official visit to Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
In an exclusive interview with Sky News, he said if the deal wasn't going to go ahead the 'United States would have pulled the plug' by now.
“I think if the United States was serious about it they would have pulled the plug a long time ago,” he said.
“But we know level minded and sensibleness will prevail
It's the relationship between the United States and Australia that has to be maintained there.,” he said.

Nauru court to rule on whether petition properly served on president

Baron Waqa won back his seat in the Boe constituency with 246 votes but Dale Cecil, who won 144, accused him of bribery, treating and breaking advertising laws on Election Day.

Since filing the petition Mr Cecil has had his pension cancelled by the government.

A former president, Sprent Dabwido, says there is now a dispute about whether Mr Cecil properly served the petition on Mr Waqa.

Nauru adopts 2030 Agenda for sustainable development

A historic event took place today at the United Nations, where 193 Leaders adopted the new global sustainable development agenda.

President Waqa is ready to join other World Leaders and also adopt the outcome document of the new sustainable development agenda. This ambitious global sustainable development agenda is entitled, “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” that features 17 sustainable development goals that aims to lift people out of poverty, build resilient and sustainable societies for the future.

Nauru judiciary will continue without NZ aid, says President Waqa

The island leader made the comment in Port Moresby where he has arrived to attend the 46th Pacific Islands Forum summit in response to New Zealand's decision to suspend its US$760,000 aid to Nauru's justice sector.

“Let me assure you nothing will change,” President Waqa told Islands Business magazine. It’s just New Zealand’s decision to withdraw the support, the funding but Nauru will continue.

His Excellency, Baron Waqa visits church gathering

Reflecting on Revelation 2:4, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love”. KJV

The ceremony was organised by a group of committee that was led by A.O.G Associate Youth Pastor Lena Porte under the supervision of A.O.G Superintendent Reverend David Aingimea.