Pacific Fashion

Ethical fashion can learn from Pacific

Sustainable and ethical fashion is being pushed as the way to go for consumers, with the call to go for quality over quantity and invest in slow fashion, which never goes out of style.

That's the view from AUT University senior lecturer Lisa McEwan, in the wake of publicity generated from the 2018 ethical fashion report. 

Pacific fashion stamps mark on industry

Body art and clothing were key elements that helped people to socially locate themselves and others.

Fashion continues to be a form of self-expression and identity, and internationally, the industry craves unique designs.

More and more, Pacific designers such as Lautoka-based siblings Moira Solvalu-John and David Solvalu, the driving force behind Fijian label 8Mountains Collection, are providing distinctive designs by tapping into rich Pacific traditions and cultures, which in-turn are demanding international attention.

Endless opportunities for Samoan Fashion post Pacific Runway

This week emerging fashion enthusiast Dane Fabricius arrived back in Samoa from taking part in the Pacific Runway Fashion show in Sydney Australia, an event he deemed a success.

“It was an amazing experience for me, Ive seen the changes and the contrast between our island’s fashion from those of the other Pacific island nations and their taste,” he says.

“The biggest thing Ive seen there is that, most share almost the same design patterns, or tatau, but what makes a dress stand out is the touch of the designer that makes a flare out of a dress,” says Fabricius.

It’s on again - Pacific Fashion Festival 2016

Pacific Fashion Festival 2016 has been described as the spectacle of art, design and history translated into fashion and this year will bring 12 designers, 45 models and 84 looks.

It will be a “show not to be missed”, according to the organisers, who have notched it up higher, bringing the event to an exclusive venue, at The Edge, Stanley Place, South Brisbane.

Also, behind the PFF lies a higher purpose and vision.