Endless opportunities for Samoan Fashion post Pacific Runway

Its been a busy year for Pacific Fashion, and especially for Samoan designers.

This week emerging fashion enthusiast Dane Fabricius arrived back in Samoa from taking part in the Pacific Runway Fashion show in Sydney Australia, an event he deemed a success.

“It was an amazing experience for me, Ive seen the changes and the contrast between our island’s fashion from those of the other Pacific island nations and their taste,” he says.

“The biggest thing Ive seen there is that, most share almost the same design patterns, or tatau, but what makes a dress stand out is the touch of the designer that makes a flare out of a dress,” says Fabricius.

Mr. Fabricius won the Samoan Fashion Week emerging designers competition in September, and was selected to be one of the local designers to represent Samoa in the ever growing Pacific Runway. The result, he says would create a ripple for fashion in Samoa for years to come.

“We got invited to PNG’s Fashion show, Fiji’s Fashion Week and even one from New Zealand, so I got to be exposed in this very challenging group and its amazing to have taken part in it,” he added.

Fabricius says the big step now is getting his label off the ground and running.

“Hopefully soon, Ill be able to get it fully running from an actual house, other than working from home,” he says.

He’s now established his own label and branding, DMF or Dane Mulinuu Fabricius.

“Im looking at by February next year it should be running, and its not hard to come up with new ideas every week or month. Designing is what I love to do and hopefully we catch a good audience in Samoa who appreciate wearable art, cause that’s what this is all about,” he said.

Joshua Lafoai