Nauru Electoral Commission

Nauru Secondary School conducts school prefects’ elections

The election mirrored that of a national general election process with; nominations, candidates given opportunity to withdraw, platform to campaign and polling day; which was complete with polling clerks, security and polling booths displaying passport sized photos of the student candidates.

Nauru Media News- NTV reports polling day commenced at 9am and closed at 3pm with students from years 9 to year 12 including the teachers entering by class into the school gym to cast their votes.

Nauru Electoral Commission welcomes new Electoral Commissioner and deputies

Corinne Joram and Cronisa Baguga have appointed Deputy Electoral Commissioners, for a four-year term beginning 21 March 2020.

Mrs Deireragea and Mrs Joram were previously Deputy Commissioners to the NEC after their initial appointment in 2016.

Mrs Baguga has worked in the NEC for the 2019 Elections as an election official.

The Electoral Commission thanked Joseph Cain the previous Electoral Commissioner, for his great work and endless commitment to the Commission during the last four years from its establishment in 2016.

Nauru Electoral Commission assists school with perfects elections

The NEC used Nauru’s election and counting system to select the school’s nominated candidates and determine their 2020 Prefects.

There were seven seats for each of the boys’ and girls’ categories, a total of 14 seats to be won.

Registered students from all levels were eligible to cast their vote for both categories.

A total of 325 votes in each category were cast which is a good turnout.

Nauru Electoral Commission appoints registration and proxy voting witnesses

Voters living overseas and need to transfer their voter registration to another district or register a proxy to vote on their behalf, will need to get their application witnessed as required in the Electoral Act.