Nauru Secondary School

Nauru Secondary School to receive Taiwan Embassy’s egg charity sale proceeds

The Embassy sold 163 trays of eggs totalling $1,956 and selected students will be presented the prize at the school's end of year awards day ceremony.

NGOs and sporting federations have also received similar support from the proceeds of past charity egg sales.

The Taiwan Technical Mission in Nauru runs a poultry and vegetable farm which supplies schools, Nauru TVET, the Dialysis Unit and the Nauru Correctional Centre.

Nauru Secondary School conducts school prefects’ elections

The election mirrored that of a national general election process with; nominations, candidates given opportunity to withdraw, platform to campaign and polling day; which was complete with polling clerks, security and polling booths displaying passport sized photos of the student candidates.

Nauru Media News- NTV reports polling day commenced at 9am and closed at 3pm with students from years 9 to year 12 including the teachers entering by class into the school gym to cast their votes.

Australian Certificate of Education curriculum (ACE) introduced at Nauru Secondary School

Nauru Media News- NTV reports the ACE curriculum will replace the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) which will be phased out this year,

To ensure the new ACE curriculum is rolled out in 2021, NSS teachers undertook professional development training and inductions on the new curriculum through audio conferences in late 2020 with the assistance of Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA).

Nauru Secondary School enrolment to increase in 2021

The Education Department’s Director of CASE Unit, Rosario Taumea said this is due to countries where the Government sends its scholarship students closing and tightening their borders because of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the Education Department met parents of the 2020 scholarship recipients and explained that they will not be travelling abroad to continue their education until borders are open.

There are 20 Year-8 scholarship recipients and 6 Year-9 students.

Nauru Secondary School students to undergo Cadets training programme

The training will be held three times a week, Tuesdays to Thursdays for two-hour sessions for the remainder of term two.

It is open to students in grades nine to 12. At the end of the term, cadets will perform what they have learned in a formal parade setting.

The programme was introduced by the Nauru Police Force earlier this month.

Nauru Electoral Commission assists school with perfects elections

The NEC used Nauru’s election and counting system to select the school’s nominated candidates and determine their 2020 Prefects.

There were seven seats for each of the boys’ and girls’ categories, a total of 14 seats to be won.

Registered students from all levels were eligible to cast their vote for both categories.

A total of 325 votes in each category were cast which is a good turnout.

Nauru Secondary School receives 12 new WiMAX units from Digicel

CEO at Digicel, Ben Kealy, said that: “he was extremely happy to support the NSS and hoped that FREE internet access and Wi-Fi would help the students at the NSS develop their education - especially those in Years 11 and 12 who have project works to complete in their final years at the school.

TVET automotive centre in Nauru

The new building was built by Central Meridian Inc and is situated between Nauru Secondary School and the Nauru Police station.

It is much nearer to the school, by the coastline.

The opening ceremony for the earning village TVET automotive centre commenced with Nauru secondary school students singing the national anthem followed by an opening prayer rendered by Pastor Roger Mwareow.