Nauru Electoral Commission appoints registration and proxy voting witnesses

The Nauru Electoral Commission has appointed 13 people living abroad to witness applications for registration and proxy voting for the General Election in August.

Voters living overseas and need to transfer their voter registration to another district or register a proxy to vote on their behalf, will need to get their application witnessed as required in the Electoral Act.

The approved witnesses are Rebecca Amwano (Auckland), Elkoga Gadabu (Hamilton/TePuku), Cramer Cain (Sydney), Jarina Adam (Melbourne), Rachel Akibwib (Melbourne), Andrew Pitcher (Brisbane), Maurika Vunipola (Tonga), Rev Roger Mwareow (Kiribati), Gregory Ribauw (FSM), Russel Kun (Majuro), Kaz Cain (Tuvalu), Sylvanna Deireragea (Solomon Islands) and Elizabeth Tufele (Samoa).

Parliament has passed a new amendment raising the maximum number of proxy votes a single voter can cast to 4.

The voter rolls are open for viewing until 5pm 5 August 2019.

The General Election to elect a new parliament will be held on Saturday, 24 August.


Photo Nauru Electoral Commission