Miss Pacific Pageant

Miss Nauru 2022 to represent Nauru at the 16th Miss Pacific pageant

The experience was awesome and fun said the new Miss Nauru eita dabug as she is now an inspiration to hundreds of youngsters aspiring to be like her. She said she will maintain a respectable character to be a great role model, especially to the youths of today.

Alexandra Pitcher was proudly sponsored by Eigigu Holdings and in her interview she expressed her gratitude to Eigigu Holdings for giving her the opportunity and she is very grateful for opening a new chapter in lher life, which she is ready to accept.

Queen of Pacific

Crowned queen of the Pacific at the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in Apia, Samoa on Friday night, the Namosi native was full of gratitude and switched to her maternal dialect mid interview.
“Thank you so much to everyone, to all my aunts, all my friends thank you so much to my parents. Thank you so much to my mom who’s out in America. Your support, your love, your prayers — I can't even imagine but I thank you so much. Words can't express all this love and I can't begin to show my gratitude to her,” she said.

Miss Pacific isn't all about a pretty woman with a sash.

That’s what the contestants say about being a part of the competition. They were asked about what qualities a Miss Pacific should uphold while undertaking the title as the face of the Pacific islands.

“She should be committed. When you hold this kind of a post, you will be under tremendous pressure to take up responsibility for not just your island, but for your entire region. So your commitment is very important,” said Camilla Grossmith, Miss Solomon Islands.