Miss Pacific isn't all about a pretty woman with a sash.

The Diversity of the Pacific is what makes the Miss Pacific Pageant special.

That’s what the contestants say about being a part of the competition. They were asked about what qualities a Miss Pacific should uphold while undertaking the title as the face of the Pacific islands.

“She should be committed. When you hold this kind of a post, you will be under tremendous pressure to take up responsibility for not just your island, but for your entire region. So your commitment is very important,” said Camilla Grossmith, Miss Solomon Islands.

Miss Grossmith believes the persons character and work ethics is what should determine the woman to take the crown by Friday night.

“It’s basically going to come down to your commitment, and willingness to take on the responsibilities, wherever it may take you, and whenever, you must be ready always to take the torch and represent the pacific,” she added.

Miss American Samoa, Antonina Lilomaiava agrees with Ms. Solomon Islands, saying that the leadership and commitment is a trait that should always be considered when you look at the Miss Pacific.

“We need leaders, and that’s what the Miss Pacific is about, finding our next woman leader to not only wear a crown but to be flag bearer for our islands altogether,” she said.

The contestants were asked the same question, and all provided different answers. However, they shared the same view in one particular area. They believe the pageant isn’t about finding the most beautiful girl for the women of the pacific to try and imitate as “true beauty.”

 “This is more than just that, we need to be able to make a difference, and to do that we need young leaders. Starting from here we can build a stronger bond in the pacific, much better than we have ever had,” said Miss Samoa, Priscilla Olano.

“It’s about celebrating our difference and picking one lady to be our ambassador for the next 12 months, who bears our torch in the Pacific. That’s what we’re here for, not just to be pretty,” she added.

Coming from the seven of the most beautiful ladies in their own respective islands, it’s a claim that tears down the stereotypical curtain of assumption, that convince women that true beauty is represented by the winner of the pageant.

Photo: thenational.com

Joshua Lafoai