Autism awareness

‘A blessing, not a burden’ a Pacific parent on autism

It's World Autism month, and the condition is thought to impact one percent of people, but is under-diagnosed in Pacific communities. 

Rachel Tuisaula six-year old has autism, which she calls his “special power”. 

“I never say “disorder”, I never say “special needs”, because my spiritual belief is that that Silas is wonderfully and fearfully made, he sees the world differently to how we see.

“The word “naughty” is the misconception but I don’t blame people because they’re not educated. So you use your mouthpiece to educate those who don’t have an understanding.” 

Nauru supports autism awareness in the community

Activities included poster, essay, songs, logo, banner, poems competition.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports participants received awards at the event Friday 23 April.

The month of April is dedicated to Autism Awareness.

The competitions ran from 19 April 19 to 23 April.

The winners of the following categories are;

For the poster competition years 7-9 1st place Taime Keke, 2nd Jordana Agigo and 3rd Kaydee Starr. Essay winners aged 10-13, 1st place Regina Omeli, 2nd Mr. Eldie Starr and third Twainice Deidenang.