iPad Pro lands as 12.9-inch slate

Landing as a 12.9-inch tablet, the iPad Pro is notable bigger than the 9.7-inch traditional model and will dwarf the 7.9-inch iPad mini.

"iPad is the clearest expression for our vision of the future of personal computing. A simple, multi touch piece of glass that instantly transform into virtually anything you want it to be," Apple CEO, Tim Cook said in unveiling the slate. "Today, we have the biggest news in iPad, since the iPad."

The Pro's 12.9-inch panel features a stunning 5.6million pixels, with the slate's sizeable width the same as the height of the iPad Air 2.

Hands-on with Samsung's first round Apple Watch rival

The result of this wearable soul-searching is the Samsung Gear S2, a stunningly finished round wearable that is ready to bring the fight to Apple's market-leading offering.

With all the usual smartwatch gumph present - as well as a few innovative surprises - the Gear S2's refinement is a pleasant surprise, and one which makes this a serious wearable to consider.

Samsung seek piece of nascent smartwatch market

Apple Watch was the leading smartwatch in the second quarter, with an estimated 4 million shipped worldwide, for a market share of more than 75 percent, according to Strategy Analytics. Samsung was a distant second with 400,000 shipped and a 7.5 percent market share.

However, the market is still nascent, and Apple Watch isn't an option for people who use Android smartphones.

Samsung's Gear S2 will work on Android - and for the first time, not just Samsung's Android phones. Meanwhile, watches running Google's Android Wear software will now work with Apple's iPhones.

Apple share price down 3% on Monday


After the email was sent, Apple share price regained ground by 2%.

Some analysts believe Apple’s stock is falling because it places inordinate faith in its smartphone the iPhone at a time when smartphone sales globally are beginning to peak.

International stock markets drop sharply

Monday the 24th of August, 2015 has been the worst day for European markets since 2008 with the FTSE shedding 74 billion pounds and the Dow Jones falling 1,000 points.

The world’s  second most profitable listed company, Apple saw its share price fall 13% before regaining ground.

Many attribute this slump to the weakness of the Chinese stock market. There are those who point to a blip caused by the summer season, which sees many risk takers on vacation.

Napster:Spotify's free streaming model isn't sustainable

A spokesperson for the firm told TechRadar that there is no future in freemium streaming because the business model is not sustainable.

"In terms of Spotify, there is no evidence that their 'freemium' business model is sustainable, as their numbers for the last two years show," said Napster in a statement.

Napster, which has around three million premium customers, also took a thinly-veiled pop at Apple Music and its Zane Lowe-curated Beats 1 Radio service.

Apple is building a self-driving car

Internal Apple documents obtained by The Guardian show that the tech giant has set up an automotive department in an unassuming building a few miles away from its Cupertino complex.

The team has been busy working on the ominous sounding Project Titan, which is Apple's codename for its experiments into building a self-driving car.

Apple has reportedly met with experts from Mercedes Benz, Tesla, BMW and Fiat-Chrysler, and is putting the feelers out for a possible test location.

Google photo service is strong on search

These services come as smartphone cameras get better, and people take more photos and video with them. The problem is many of the images simply sit on the phones, taking up valuable space. Worse, digital memories can disappear when phones are lost or stolen.